Pokemon Go: What brings us the community day 2022?

The community day, we can turn it and turn it, as we want it, is a fixed event in Pokémon Go. He will not just disappear 2022. The chances are rather high that he is just more unattractive. And if you think grade, worse, it’s never ( like research breakthrough ), then the creators of Pokémon Go come with a supercool surprise around the corner. So it was in 2020 and 2021, and probably that is also the same with the community day 2022.

But we will still dream? Which Pokémon are probably the community day, which not? Which ones would be the absolute blast and which are quasi already? The authors of Pokémon Go Hub have made this question. Remember: nothing is confirmed!

Community Day 2022 – The is state

Before we pick up some of the ideas of Spindiana , we should mention shortly where we are currently on the topic community day. The January community-day has moved to seapops in the limelight, and while the Shiny is quite cute, many coaches were very underwater. Until came out that the exclusive Move for Walraisa is pretty good in the PVP. At the same time, in January 2022 still started… Well, strange experiment: The Community Day Classic with Bisasam was proclaimed. Sure, a BisaFlor with Flora statue is a power, but does it really need two community days in the month in Pokémon Go?

Whether the Community Day Classic is repeated, that is not yet fixed. The Bisasam CD was also announced only during the month, accordingly, in this regard, something else in February 2022 can happen. However, all weekends are already occupied in February 2022; on 12. February 2022 is the Hopppross Community Day , the Valentine’s Day event, then the following weekend of the preparation event on the Johto-Tour and then on 26. February 2022 The Johto-Tou ** R itself. Very full, there’s hard to squeeze something.

Community Day 2022 – The wish condition

Community Day 2022 Pokémon Predictions!

After the creators of Pokémon Go in 2021 enjoyed us completely surprisingly with a bone salad community day, then we can also wish an event to Kapuno. Or even better: to Milza! Both Pokémon are super terms… yes, okay, Kapuno was not quite like that in December 2021 . But still: both are rare and more rarers are correspondingly shiny versions. If the people of Niantic want to give us at least a surprisingly good community day, then it will hopefully be one with the two Mon. Kapuno, however, may be more likely.

Desirable, not only of optical, but also from Metagame view would also be an event to light. Skelabra is still an animal in the PvE meta and a bit more ways to catch light, would be pretty cool. Incidentally, Ganovil would also be quite cool, which is currently attributable exclusively from 12km eggs.

Community Day 2022 – with 99 percent probability

It is very likely that there will be 2022 community days in Pokémon Go with the Gen 6 Stars Igamaro, Fynx and Froxy. There is absolutely nothing against that the three starters do not get their own events this year. And more can not be said of it ^ ^ Of course, it is also possible to reckon that Brigaron then learn Flora statue, Fennexis Lohekanonade and Quajutsu aquaubeatingitz.

Community Day 2022 – The 400s

We already had community days with carpador and with Wablu. And there are two more pocket monsters currently available in Pokémon Go and belong to the 400-Club, namely Wailmer and EF-EM. Both need for the development of Wailord or Uhafnir whopping 400 sweets. In view of the fact that EF-EM does not seem particularly often in the wild, a community day would be like made for the fluttering. Or for the tremendous Wailord.

Which Pokémon would like to see at the community days in 2022? One thing is clear in the place: What does not have to be, is that a Pokémon is a repeated community day, away from the Mega Community Day In December 2022, right? Let’s see what the community day will bring us in March 2022!

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