Who is VI, the vigilant of Filtover?

Riot Games Finally decided to expand the universe of League of Legends , and not only exploring other genres in the world of videogames, but also expanded to other means, such as television.

Last year, the first season of Arcane came to Netflix and took the world by surprise. Riot and Fortiche Production We were given one of the best animated series that currently exist on the platform, and each of the characters in it had the opportunity to shine.

Particularly, arcane tells us the story of Jinx and VI , two sisters who suffered completely different destinations. Both characters were designed specifically for League of Legends , and this time we are going to talk about vi , the vigilant of pilan .

vi debuted within League of Legends November 19, 2012 , and despite being a champion with almost a decade in the game, it is still the favorite option for many players, both In the competitive scene as in the casual.

Vi Jungle Has a Secret | League of Legends

This character highlighted for being a body peeling body capable of inflicting a lot of damage to his opponents thanks to the combination of her skills.

VI is commonly used in the jungle, but it has also been seen in the upper lane, and in extremely rare instances, it is also possible to use it in the middle lane with a both mixed results.

The definitive ability of VI, Cease and Desist , allows you to close the distance between it and the opponent of it in addition to offering a little _ Crowd Control_. This particular tool is extremely effective for _ gankeos _ , making an ideal champion for the jungle.

In the series, VI is portrayed as a kind of antihero that is willing to what it is in order to recover the trust of her sister jinx of her. Initially, it was unknown how it was that I saw ending up with caitlyn , but arcane finally resolved this unknown.

Throughout the history of it in League of Legends , VI has been coming out and constantly entering the metajame, but the kit of it is so effective that even with the nerfeos, she remained a champion Relevant for many. VI will return for the second season of arcane , which is currently already in production but still does not have a launch date.

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