Chromo Gaming Keyboard with Touch Pad starts KickStarter! You can operate like a stick with palms

Singapore’s hardware development startup company WRAEK is carrying out KickStarter of the new gaming keyboard “ WRAEK Tactonic Pro “.

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The greatest feature of this gaming keyboard is that a touch pad is installed in the left hand. It is not like installed on a notebook PC, and it is said that you can operate like a game controller stick using palms.

The operation of this touch pad can be allocated freely, and can be switched at any time with the side button. Not only gaming applications but also for work, etc. Five preset profiles including keyboard, stick, mouse emulation, etc. are also available.

The goal of KickStarter, which is implemented from January 27, was 1149,719 yen (approximately $ 10,000) for Japanese yen, but at the time of writing this article has already breached, and the current total support amount is 25.74,604 To yen (about 22,000 dollars). A stretch goal is also set according to the amount of support.

WRAEK is that many games must use both movement and ability to use, Limited traditional keyboard layouts talk to stagnant and tired , innovative It is likely to be a keyboard.

“WRAEK Tactonic Pro” is currently accepting support at KickStarter. You can get this product and other products with more than $ 115, so how are you thinking about what to do?

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