Intel Arc Alcemist, Benchmark Numerical Spill

Intel’s reader’s graphics chipset ‘arc alkemist’ is ahead of the launch of the first quarter. Benchmark figures that can be measured ahead of formal launch are revealed to reveal attention.

According to the most recently discovered ‘Si Software Sandra’ benchmark level, an arc alkemist graphics chipset for desktop PCs with 512EUs are speculated to have a level of performance similar to the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 TI.

Intel Arc Alchemist Benchmarks Leaked!!! And some AMD GPU updates!!!
** ■ Last year brand disclosure,

Intel said that last August, the general consumer high-performance graphics product brand ‘Intel Arc (Intel Arc) will be released and it would have released the actual product in the first quarter of next year. The first product ‘arc alcemist’ supports hardware-based rate lacracing, AI-based super sampling capabilities.

In early December, there were a total of five games, including ‘Riders Republic’ and ‘Age of Empire 4’ and ‘Hitmen 3’, and a total of 25 games on 2560 × 1440 resolution.

In addition, Intel said, “The ‘Arc Alcemist’ graphics chipset developed by the ‘self-developed’ arc alkemist ‘graphics chipset is already supplied to the main PC manufacturer.

Lisa Pierce Intel Architecture, Graphics, Software, said, “This is a” Delkoloi Gesmith, which equipped an arc alcemist, “I will release more than 50 PC products such as X17 and Lenovo Yoga.”

■ Levels similar to RTX 3070 TI in 16/32 bit mistakes

SI Software Sandra is a program that is mainly used to confirm the processor or graphics chipset performance by built a variety of numerical analysis benchmarks. The results were found to test arc alcemist performance for desktop PCs with 512EU using this program.

As a result, the arc alcemist graphics chipset with 512EUs have a 16-bit mistake operation, and in 32-bit mistakes, in a 32-bit mistake operation, it seems to be similar or somewhat like NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 TI.

64-bit mistakes, 128-bit mistakes in operation 5 to 5 times per 5-fold compared to the RTX 3070 Ti. Since only 32-bit mistakes are currently used for current games and various operations, the actual product seems to be similar or somewhat lower than the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 TI.

■ Graphic chipset benchmark for notebooks also disclosure

The results of the benchmarks of the arc A370M chip designed for notebooks were also released. Intel 12th Generation Core I7-12800h Processor and DDR4 8GB Memory, Samsung Electronics SSD 980 500GB of Bobco Cross Mark Performance is measured.

In the same components, the graphics chipset only changed to iris XE, which is built-in graphics, and the arc A370M mounting notebooks have been ahead of the ‘Creativity’ and ‘Reactivity’ items related to graphics performance.

However, Bobco Cross Mark is a primary purpose to measure document editing and photo editing, application execution speed, and is not a software to see graphic chipset performance. Both desktop PCs and laptop chips were not released in real games.

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