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The developers of Asobo Studio today give the World Update 7 for the Microsoft Flight Simulator free. The extensive patch should be published during the Monday. There is a concrete time for the update release: The activation is the information of the developer according to 22 clock. How big the update fails, is not fixed so far. Also info on the patch notes are not available yet , according to Asobo Studio, however, should be submitted shortly before the update publication.

More details for Australia

Is known: With the world update 7, the makers expand the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 by additional details for the Australian Continent . Among other things, hobby pilots are allowed to look forward to new satellite images, a new digital altitude model and many other attractions. For a taste of the upcoming updates, the developers gave them in a live stream transferred last week.

World Update 8 with Spain and Portugal

After the World Update 7, the SIM update 8 is on the program, which mainly plays error corrections and optimizations. The makers informed the publication by a few days. The release is now planned for March 1st – previously, February 22nd was communicated as a start date. For late March, they will announce the World Update 8, which should provide new data for both Spain and Portugal. During the year, the Microsoft Flight Simulator (Buy Now 69.99 €) will also receive a DLSS support.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator - World Update 8 ANNOUNCEMENT: Spain and Portugal
31.01.2022 at 09:01

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