Kao The Kangaroo: The journey from the Dreamcast to Xbox Series X

We have previously reported on the return of the 3D Platformer Kao The Kangaroo.

Tate Multimedia has released a tweet in which it is about the origin and the career of the sympathetic bag animal boxer. In the new issue, it will obviously be about to bring new players closer the kangaroo, as the first part was now published for the Sega Dreamcast Console before 21 years ago.

Kao (spoken K-O) is the Polish response to the French platform giant Rayman. Kao celebrated his debut in 2000 on the Sega Dreamcast Console. Three years later, the second part followed: Kao The Kangaroo Round 2, probably known part of the series.

Kao the Kangaroo (2022) - Official Announcement Trailer

The second part has been cross-platform for PC, PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Game Cube and brought many innovations with them, for example a hub world, how to know them from Spyro, new moves and more detailed graphics.

The second round of the quick kangaroos was so popular that under the name Kao Challengers once again for the handheld systems PSP and Gameboy Advance appeared and even received a release for Steam due to community feedback in 2019.

To this day approx. Two million players Kao The Kangaroo Round 2 played. In 2005, the for now followed the last entry of the series with Kao The Kangaroo Mystery of the Volcano. This offshoot only appeared for Windows PC.

According to legend and write 16 years of break, Tate Multimedia published in the Summer 2022 , the entire row again, in a new splendor for the ongoing console generation.

However, the new edition is not just about nostalgia and therefore the old levels 1: 1 to experience again, but much more therefore a completely new gaming experience, with new skills, puzzles and challenges. Kao is therefore not only able to enjoy the older lovers of the series, but also the new generation players.

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