The Dark Pictures: Following in ideas at Supermassive Games

The specialist of the B-Movie Interactive does not intend to stop there. After Unil Dawn and the first four shutters of Dark Pictures Anthology, whose next one remains to appear, the British studio went to table five new titles and five new logos, or as many potential shutters for its Creepshow.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes Review

As The_marmolade on Twitter, five new entries appeared with the European Intellectual Property Office, EUIPO, with titles that make more or less shudder: The Dark Pictures: The Craven Man , The Dark Pictures Presents: o Death , The Dark Pictures: 8020 Directive The Dark Pictures: Intercession and The Dark Pictures: Winterfold **. All with associated logos reminiscent of the original series, which has been counting since 2019 three episodes, for a delivery every fall.

After Man of Medan, Little Hope and House of Ashes, the next multiple-branch horror game is called The Devil in Me, and he will obviously put a psychopathic surgeon specializing in mutations and sophisticated executions. An entire program.

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