Yaiza Perez Body Paint Cosplay is adorable and must be followed on tiktok

The body painting cosplay quickly became a sensation on social networks. New cosplayers apparently surface daily on Instagram and Tiktok. It is great to see this emergence since the beginning of the pandemic. With zero conference or exposure, artists can now show their incredible online work. One of these artists caught our attention. Originally from Spain, Yaiza Pérez quickly imposed itself as a young star of the industry. A look at his work and you will understand why.

As you can see, Yaiza is incredibly talented. Under the name Yaizapezs on Tiktok and Yaizape on Instagram, she generated a wide audience, especially on tiktok. But really, it should be much higher. She is so good.

Discover some of his superb works:

Poison Ivy cosplay makeup and upper Body Paint

If you consult us regularly, you know we love the cosplay. Every weekend, we are looking for the best cosplayers from around the world.

Go to page 2 for some of Yaiza Pérez body painting cosplays on Tiktok…

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