Martha Is Dead will come censored to PS5 and PS4

Martha is Dead PlayStation Censorship vs Xbox & PC

Martha is Dead, The new horror game published by Wired Productions , will come censored in its versions of PLAYSTATION 5 and PLAYSTATION 4 . In the rest of the platforms, such as Xbox and PC, The title will debut without any censorship, and the reasons why they are not entirely clear. Apparently, there is a scene where you must surgically remove a person’s face to later use it as a mask, and that could be the cause of censorship but at the moment this has not been confirmed to one hundred percent. As a result of this censorship, the physical version of Martha is Dead has also been delayed, however, you can acquire its digital version from February 24 this year. According to Wired Productions, Anticipate that your physical version is available within a few weeks of your original release date, so you will not have to wait for so long if you prefer to have the disk.

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