Medieval Dynasty: The functions of the shovel

Medieval Dynasty Shovel: Wooden and Iron Shovel | Medieval Dynasty Tips

Medieval Dynasty: shovel important for area vacation

Settlement construction is the main motivation for progress in Medieval Dynasty. In some situations you also need a shovel, namely for the ditch to clay. The alone is reason enough to own the tool, but the shovel has a further ability:

  • With the bucket you can remove the stumps of precipitated trees.
  • There is every 1x round wood.
  • More important, however, is that they can freed surfaces. If there is a place for the construction of a building, a tree stump can prevent this. With a shovel you solve the problem.
  • This is very convenient as the construction of large buildings such as the grocery warehouse, as the foundation requires a lot of space and likes to fail. Thanks to the shovel, their construction plans are at least no longer departing from tree stumps.
  • In addition, there are optical reasons: If you want to beautify your settlement, wood stumps can ruin the tidy impression.

For the construction of a wooden blade you need 2x round wood. Later, the construction of an iron scoop is possible; This holds accordingly longer and is more valuable.

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