Hideaki Anno Work in a cinematographic universe with Godzilla and more

In 2016, Hideaki Anno, creator of Evangelion, gave us shin godzilla, a new version of the classic Kaiju. Next May, this director will do the same with shin ultraman. Afterwards, in the unique future, the creator of Studio Khara will perform a similar project with shin Kamen Rider. Now, however strange that it sounds, it has been revealed that a cinematographic universe formed by these three properties, as well as Evangelion, will be a reality .

Recently the Shin Japan Heroes Universe was announced, a cinematographic universe that brings together the properties of Godzilla, Ultraman, Kaman Rider and Evangelion in one place, with Anno in charge of this project. Next to this, a couple of images that leave in clear is unimaginable collaboration shared.

Hideaki Anno Interview for Evangelion 3.0+1.0 (Amazon SDCC clip)
Unlike other cinematographic universes, where all properties are in the hands of a study, Shin Japan Heroes Universe is a collaboration between different companies. We are talking about a historical union between Toei, Toho, Tsuburarya Productions and Studio Khara.

Although one might think that this union is completely due to Hideaki Anno, part of the credit must also go to Eiji Tsuburarya, founder of Tsuburarya Productions, and who worked on the special effects of Godzilla, Kaman Rider and Ultraman. As a mediator, this study helped TOEI and TOHO, who have been considered rivals for years, put aside their differences, and they gave rise to a new chapter in the entertainment industry in Japan.

Unfortunately, At the moment there is no more information about it, although more details are expected to be available in a future . On related topics, here you can see the new advancement of the Dragon Ball Super sleeve. Similarly, it has been confirmed that a third season of DEMON SLAYER is already in production.

Editor’s note :

These are very interesting news. Although the Ultraman series, Godzilla, Kamen Rider and Evangelion do not have many similarities at first instance, the four properties involve giant creatures that fight to protect Japan, surely an Avening story can arise from this concept.

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