The former hopeful blizzard developer for the future of the activision game

Last update there is February 15, 2022

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We talked a lot about Blizzard Activision lately, for better or for worse. There have been painful hopes to clean the house; There were discussions about the exclusivity of the Blizzard game. But rather interesting, there have been speculation from a former Blizzard developer on what could happen in his future, that is, if everything goes well.

David Fried, who provided Quality Assurance for Warcraft 2 and Diablo 2, Chief Campaign Designer for Warcraft 3 and worked on World of Warcraft, had a session of questions and answers on his YouTube channel on what could happen with Activision Blizzard. Or at least, what is hoped, now that Microsoft has acquired the giant video game.

One thing Fried noted is that one of the original members of the game Warcraft 3, the senior artistic director Samwise Didier. Didier was one of the many leaders of creating the game, and according to Fried, Didier would certainly be on board to create Warcraft 4. and it would certainly be possible, and probable, with the acquisition of Microsoft. Fried himself admitted that he would jump on the occasion if he was offered to return to the Blizzard project, and hoped that Chris Metzen, one of the creators of the original Warcraft, would do the same. It admitted that some old abandoned projects, such as StarCraft Ghost, could be taken again after the acquisition is complete.

But Fried admitted that he would have a warning if he returned. And that is to say, he would not return to Activision only after the finalization of the acquisition, and not before. Fried had certainly been a great criticism of activism in the past, but now he is hopeful for what will happen.

Maybe if a criticism may have hope for what is coming, maybe the rest of us can too.

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