Cosmetic Hunting Objects and Fireteam Gameplay

Last update there is May 3, 2020

Predator Hunting Grounds Fireteam HAMMERHEAD is OVERPOWERED!
After making his first appearance in 1987, Predator is a beloved series that was successful not only in video games, but also in movies and comics. Although there were a lot of Predator games to get passionate, this last title, Predator: Hunting Grounds seeks to bring the series to a brand new level. He came out a few days ago and we had a lot of fun playing it. You do not believe us? Discover our immersive, frantic and totally crazy gameplay.

Now, if you are looking to change a bit, you will not only have the possibility of hunting your prey as a predator, but also to complete unique military operations as an elite military firetect before the predator catches up. Now that you have seen what the hunter looks like, what do you think it will be as if technologically advanced warriors were just chaseding you just for pleasure? You are about to discover it.

Whatever camp you choose, you will have at your disposal a wide variety of weapons and technologies to carry out your mission. And if you are looking for some spice by hunting or trying to survive in this jungle, there are a ton of items available to customize your look and equipment. You can find them all in our video below.

Now, if you are still looking for some additional information about the brand new Predator: Hunting Grounds, you can check everything here. For now, here is a brief description of what players can hope for, _ “Predator: Hunting Grounds is an immersive asymmetrical shooting game located in remote areas, where the predator tracks the most difficult prey. Play as a member of an elite fireteam and finish the paramilitary operations before the predator finds you. Or, embody the predator to chase the most worthy prey, choosing from your wide range of fatal extraterrestrial technologies to collect your trophies, one by 1. »_

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