Sound of the lost treasure in casual game: where the boss can be found by casual game

_ Lost Ark _ has a variety of bosses on the offer for players and many of them will dive into the action and destroy the different creatures to whom they meet on their journey through the world. Prepare your class, gaps your weapons and get ready to start the hunt for new prey. Verloren Arche has now been released and players want to start caring through the countries. This guide is guided by the process where you can find in experience a world boss called Castra, the player challenges within the world. It’s time to hunt casual game.

Where can I find casual in Lost Ark?

Castray can be found within the Rocky Forest Hill in the SkyReach steppe of the Tortoyke region. The players will be pleased to know that this special world boss level 38 is compared to some of the higher-level world bosses scattered across the world. In this way, you can get in the middle of one of your punches from great prey verlororen Arche.

Of course, if you want to fight within experience with a boost against casing. If you get up with a PowerPass fast, you certainly have an advantage early in your piercing against the boss.

Lost Ark Caspiel ResPawn Time

Trailer Survival RPG: The Lost Treasure

Castray is a world boss and of course there is a resrawn time connected to the boss. After the casual game has been eliminated, the players have to wait another 30 minutes until they fight against casual play again as soon as they appear. It is again great to prepare for the fight by coming to the place early to ensure that you are in the moment you appear against casual, if you know many players are surrounded by the area.

Castra is certainly an excellent boss for the fight and you will win all valuable prey and experience points from the fight after you have defeated the world boss.

_ Lost Ark _ is now available on the PC.

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