The “Horizon Zero Dawn” crisis is already in front of you! Think about the process of restoring the world of destroyed the process 【See the world in the game # 21]

This article describes a spoiler that includes the core of the end of the end.
Be sure to read it after clearing.

The zero doning plan is “Earth’s Re-Trial Forming”, saying that life is recruited from one of the deaths of life. After the organics on the earth were eaten all the organisms on the earth, the purpose is to reconstruct the dynamics and human civilizations down the DNA collected like the Noah’s ark. As a result of being halfway due to various troubles, Arroy lives a strange ecosystem that coexists with mechanical life and nature in the world after living. In the word “destroyed”, there was a kind of life that lived, but how did you actually restore it?

# 1: Return oxygen to its original state

The organism does not necessarily live if oxygen is not alive. Oxygen is originally toxic to primitive life, and the microorganisms of “anaerobic organism” can be inhabit even if there is no oxygen. In a familiar area, it is in the intestine of animals, leaving gas and causes food poisoning. Neutralizing life at the microorganism level is not impossible, and anaerobic organisms will be breeded using fueled organics. I think that it will survive with the worst bear. perhaps.

If the machine is also a missing, the combustion efficiency falls and the combustion efficiency will fall, but it will be aware that it is “Cyanobacteria (cyanobacteria)” is powerful to restore the amount of oxygen.. Cyanobacteria are the first organisms that started photosynthesis that generates oxygen for the first time on earth. Form aqua, red tide, stromatite, etc. The earth was almost no oxygen on the earth before, but the “Mercury events” caused a large amount of anaerobic organisms to change the atmospheric composition during several billion years. If there is no oxygen, the ozone layer is not possible, and the ultraviolet light that falls on the ground is also raw. It is theory of becoming an arthrophic with such a similar manner to increase the amount of oxygen.

Of course, it is not something that can be done overnight, but if all organisms consume, especially if the minor microorganism is prepared first, oxygen will be exhausted soon. It is not possible to catch up with natural growth, so it was not possible to produce cyanobacteria full operation even if it was possible. It takes time to get away to cause changes in the atmosphere.

# 2: Make soil

The REVEAL - the Deep Secrets of the Earth | Horizon Zero Dawn Part 17 4K60

If you return the atmosphere composition, it is not true that it will be fixed by releasing the restored organism. Looking at text data, it is expected that it will not finally remain a rock, and probably not only life but also the organic matter of the earth. “Soil” is something that is mixed with organisms and excrement, bacteria and fungals in inorganic sand and clay, and it will be back to the sand if you decompose the organic matter and breaks up. increase.

If you feed an organism to the land where there are no organics including microorganisms, it is “Nishinoshima” that can be observed in the volcano that it can be observed. With the heat of the isolated car, the heat of the eruption, the organism killed, and there is no surface soil with a thickly piled volcanic ash. It is a start from the genuine “zero”, but all will be paradise like the Ogasawara Islands, so you should not throw away hope.

Currently, the bonito has built a colony, but one interesting phenomenon has occurred. It is that the corpse is mummy without corruption. It was decomposed by the microorganisms and insects attached to the bonito, and it was expected that the foundation of the soil was expected to be able to be able to be able to do so too low. Food chain predatory and digestion activities are essential to disassembly in nature. Nutrients are processed so that the next step of the chain can be used by becoming blood and excrement.

And, it is the presence of “insect” to process dead plants and animal corpses until soil. Above all, it is definitely no doubt that the scavenger and the spoiled place and the case where it will be stuffed, and earthworms are bad even if the appearance is bad. Therefore, in order to revive the soil, it makes sense to release the moss and G as in the cartoon “Terra Formars”. It is then after seeding plant seeds.

# 3: Diffuse to the world

It is possible to make soils that are placed in the world, but it is necessary to continue to sow it to the ground surface until it fixes it. It is an animal such as mammalian, mammalian, birds and birds. Animals are like nutritional accumulation, role of concentration, carrying plant seeds and insects, and it is like a ship that loaded supplies by aiming at the new world. Although not always successful, it may be rooted using the nutrients of the corpse if the maternal animals die. It will not work easily like the bonito dori mentioned above, but it will continue to build a new ecosystem as well as the Ogasawara Islands.

However, since the zero Dawn plan, which is the final goal, the revival of humanity civilization is the goal, so it is the turn of the machine beast. Until the large animal stably, the role of accumulation and diffusion is substituted by a robot until the habitat environment is ready. By control by Gaia, it is efficiently planted to be insufficient. By doing so, it can be imagined that the environment has been improved earlier than waiting for the spread of nature. Perhaps the shell walker should have carried a big transportation work, but when I opened that container, I had a sight that the insect was clogged. And if Gaia is alive, if you think that the machine’s beast has already been livestock, you will have an alternative to SF imagination.

Although the amount of oxygen content of the earth mentioned in this work is a decrease in the amount of oxygen, it is actually something already happening. The expansion of a large amount of CO2 due to humanity and the effects of global warming reduce oxygen in the deep sea, and marine organisms are suffocated. “Dead zone” that became an oxygen is expanded year by year, and the ecosystem disturbance is also observed. In Earth history, “marine oxygenic areas” occurs several times, and at this time, the body of the biological body is not decomposed and deposited as it is. If this satisfies a certain condition, it will change to fossil fuel, and we are using it and used it.

In this work, we are a campaign to perform 1 planting in the western part where Aaroy travels per player who won a specific trophy. If the amount of oxygen of the earth is reduced again by humanity again, the life of the earth will remain in the formation as an organic substance that is not disassembled. And by another day or another intellectual life of the future, we may be made to “fuel”.

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