WOW: Players would return for these features

Who often deals with Wow, sometimes happens as in “daily the marmot” greets. The game dies, is shortly before or is ready. And that already since its first extension. If it goes after what you are reading over the years in the community, Wow has already gone dozens of Male over the Jordan. Strange that it still stops in the MMO market. Somehow wow does not die.

But it is also clear that it has not only become a habit for Shadowlands for many players to acquire a month’s playing time after publishing a new patch, giving an overview and then put the subscription back on ice. Logical, because as we have seen in the article “a WoW subscription still justified” , WOW tears a pretty big hole in the wallet with his subscription model during an extension. Wow is not played so religiously as a few years ago, players either do not have so much time or have blizzards patch politics through a long time. They only play what makes you fun.

What do the developers have to do?

It may not look at the first glance, but with New World, FFXIV, Star Wars The Old Republic, Black Desert Online, Guild Wars 2 and The Elder Scrolls Online we have been in the MMO sector just in the best time for a long time.

Does a former WOW player really recourse to return to Azeroth? How much persuasiveness is needed to retrieve someone is different. But what about things would be for the player Wow would give a chance? This question will be surprisingly often in the community lately . We looked at the most common desires in the Reddit Forum of WoW and Bhei on Housing in the linked article. It falls on that players are more likely to have fewer wishes for innovations in Wow, but that they would be attract them more if some things would be removed .

Nobody has more on TimeGating

Fool Me Once, Shame On Me, Fool Me 27 Times, Shame On You. Weekly or months always the same tasks can be completed so that you can make a feature in full, no one really enjoys fun.

With Korthia, Blizzard has also delivered a good negative example in Shadowlands, why the artificial delays of content is not a good idea that the gameplay is not enriching itself anyway. In the case of Korthia, the “plug-pull” update has changed a lot to the good, but already the next area in Patch 9.2 shows that the developers did not really learn that TimeGating is in a big style.

The Flying in Zereth Mortis needs to be recurred again , although players had already worried the air licensing for the Shadowlands. And then the exploration of the individual points for the flight permission in Zereth mortis also takes until the third ID. In an MMO that sets a monthly subscription model, no one wants to deal with.


Yes, clear. Who would not return to a properly well-implemented Housing system in WoW (Buy Now) at least for a short time? The desire for its own four walls for his old ego is one of the most common reasons for which player would populate azeroth again.

With the garrison, the developers seemed to have an attempt in this direction, but have failed. What Housing has for a great potential for the game, we do not have to ride again at this point. Alone the greed for successes for statues in their own butt and the possibilities for occupations to produce different things would be endless.

uses what is available

The zones of Kalimdor and the eastern kingdom lie broke. That’s a great waste of gaming content. Source: Housing even more often than the desire for Housing you read that Blizzard is finally more out of the old world. If you look at it more accurate from the outside, the developers have built several WoW galaxies over the years. With every new addon, however, the player always sets only another small solar system and lets the infinite width that calls Azeroth.

Somehow, the developers would have to create old areas again in the current extension and to miss the zones, which is also interesting for players in the current endgame. Maybe that happens already in the next addon when we find the cosmic fight and the excursion to the underworld of Wow Quasi the reset button for the game and find the simpler topics back to the RPG.

Less difficulty levels and no borrowed power

With each new patch, the item levels for items from instances and raids are upgraded. This is a good thing for returnees (keyword “catch up”), but first and foremost it feels like players as if their previous successes have been extinguished in Raid and Mythisch-Plus. The old Gear has no value shortly after a patch. In the same breath are often also the two words “certain power” .
Blizzard is there, Blizzard takes it. There is hardly any more buck on “borrowed power”. Source: Housing
Although it is more likely to be about legendary’s age enhancements that are nothing more in the new addon, but each big patch is now maintaining one of these systems. What players would return, thus would be a linear RAID progress and no more features that deserve the deserved equipment from now on equal.

In order to promote linear progression, many players also look for the thinning of difficulty levels. That players are not fans of the LFR, is well known. The abolition of the raid browser would lead to more unity and more stable guilds according to the community.

But also the fact that Dungeons now own four difficulty levels is not conducive to the game. Do we really need the heroic and additionally the normal mythical variant? In this context, players even demand the abolition of the Dungeon Tool. But only a few seem to have this desire. As so often, less seems to be more for WOW players.

Eternity's End Survival Guide | World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Less Transmog

Shop items are many players a mandrel in the eye – especially when it comes to transmog. Source: Blizzard Yes, we could not trust our eyes, but the reason “less Transmog” was so often fell so that it must be mentioned in this list. Players are not per se against the Transmog feature itself. Rather, it is about the fact that you are now so much bomed with Transmog as a reward in Wow, that it seems almost annoying. Almost exactly so inflationary will give away Mounts according to these players, which no one really needs.

With the desire for fewer transmog items and mounts, players rather are about packing other, more sensible rewards in the game and that you should do something more for chic mounts than, for example, a generic success or call level.

Alliance and Horde merge

This wish was heard by Blizzard . Well, at least partially. The most important aspect, dungeons, raids and gival pvp also with the other faction can play with patch 9.2.5 for reality. Incidentally, when tapping these lines, no details on the perhaps associated “transfer package” are known, with which several characters are cheaper on other servers and maybe even more cost-effective make a fraction change.
Horde vs. Alliance is a core topic of WoW, but now the system is played in a game of music and leads to problems. With Cross-Faction Gameplay in instantized areas, the problem is resolved. Source: Blizzard
The (partially) cancellation of the fraction boundaries was bitterly necessary, because allianz players have found more and of rare groups for high-end content. We would also look forward to a complete abolition of the fractional boundaries in the editor (see Logout Page 98). In addition to Housing, less recovered power and the meaningful recycling of the old world, the lifting of the faction boundaries with the greatest wish of the WOW community and for many a reason to start full with WOW.

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