Bio Hazard 4 remake …? Capcom, the countdown page of the question

Is the remake released?

Capcom recently released a countdown of the question through the official homepage. The time when the countdown is over, it is estimated at two pm (21 days) afternoon today (21 days). However, it is not easy to predict what this means at this time. Except for black background and white numbers, it is because it does not have a simple clue. Capcom’s countdown page is dragging various interpretations.

The hypothesis that gains the most support is the remake. The next update schedule is specified in the ‘History’ section of the official homepage, so it is 22 days after the countdown after the countdown.

The countdown date is also making a variety of streas. Especially, some users argue that February 21, as a “Biohazard 4”, which flows around the former President of former Presidential President, who is kidnapped as’ President of President of the United States, President of the United States. The darkestly set countdown page that is illuminated is also powered by this hypothesis.

The <Biohazard 4, which was released in 2005, was a title that shows a simple puzzle and enhanced action compared to the previous work, and in 2016, in 2016, it was greatly popular from users and media, including the 50-year-old video game that was selected for the 50th video game.

Capcom Countdown: Resident Evil 4 Remake Announcement Soon?
Capcom’s countdown also sounds a voice of . In fact, Gamesbeat Journalist Jeff Grubb (Jeff Grubb) claimed that Capcom’s countdown is linked to Newly. At that time, he would expect “Street Fighter 6”. I have been executing the contents of Street Fighter 6.

Meanwhile, Capcom said that by the New Year’s Greetings in 2022, the New Year ‘Biohazard: Village>, When we share news on new DLC, and It is also a ball to expand the platform, such as launching a game on a PC. In addition, last year February shows the NFT-based trading card of the Street Fighter 2> theme and is also excellent in pioneering new market.

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