Total was: Warhammer 3 – Strategy Guide for Cathay

Total was: Warhammer 3 forms the crowning Completion of the Warhammer Trilogy from Creative Assembly. In previous articles on the strategy hit, we have already sketched 10 tips for the perfect entry and put together a guide for Kislev players. This time we focus on the very map stationed in the east of the card Cathay.

In this guide too totally: Warhammer 3 is experiencing:

  • Which pros and cons bring the two leaders Miao Ying and Zhao Ming
  • General Tips for Campaign Gameplay by Cathay
  • The strengths and weaknesses of the different Cathay units

The leader of the Large Caiserreich Cathay

Miao Ying the storm dragon

Miao Ying has been saying that for centuries in the northern Cathay and commanded all the armies of the Great Bastion. In addition, she masters a wealth of mighty magic .

Miao Ying starts in the Province of Schießpowerstraße in the northeast of the map. Eastern the starting position are the enemy rebel challenges of Nan-Yang. West of it – and shielded through the big bastion – the chaos desert. From here threaten in the game regular attacks.

Factions effects

  • Corruption: -2
  • +10 percent leadership in the fight against chaos daemons
  • 20 percent more ammunition for floor units

Commander effects

  • Storage infinity from the commander’s army requires 50 percent less maintenance
  • Harmony: +3 yin

Zhao Ming the Ice Dragon

Zhao Ming checked in total was: Warhammer 3 the Western Cathay and the Skystraße on the way to the mourning mountains. He can turn, just like Miao Ying, on the battlefield at the push of a button in a flying dragon .

Factions effects

  • The maximum freight capacity of caravans is 20 percent higher than Miao
  • Alchemists start with a bonus of +5 points on the heroic rank
  • Ogersöldner cost 25 percent less maintenance
  • Melee units receive 15 bonus points on the armor value

Commander effects

  • Starts with a 100 percent higher chance magical objects to find
  • Melee units in the army of the commander demand 25 percent less maintenance than usual
  • Harmony: +3 Yang

General tips for Cathay players

Secures the Schlangentor immediately

The big bastion is the most important barrier between the chaos desert as well as the east of this Cathay areas and has three passes . The Schlangentor’s south of the wall lies at the start of the game in ruins. In order to prevent more and more chaos and TZEENTCH units from flowing in your Reich, you should quickly occupy and rebuild the Schlangentor after the conquest of the first province.

If the colonization of the gate is completed, you have powerful, partly exclusive building improvements available, which, for example, reduce the maintenance for local armies, minimize recruiting costs or increase the visibility. Particularly practical: With the fourth upgrade of the bastion citadel you can hire the mighty terracotta warriors very early. Furthermore, building chains of all three goals are not subject to Yin and Yang mechanics.

ensures harmony in the kingdom

Characters, events, buildings and technologies are totally out of all Cathay fractions: Warhammer 3 linked to Yin- / Yang mechanics. This means: are the harmony values ​​in balance, benefits your group of a variety of bonuses. These include better diplomatic relationships, lower construction costs for buildings, more growth, a quarter of more income from buildings, more control, less corruption and the Army ability Ancestain Warrior .

If the harmony, on the other hand, get out of balance, you have to calculate, among other things, with sensitive income losses . So that it does not come so far, you should always keep an eye on the harmony indicator at the top of the picture edge and counteract timely. For example, the Element Yang outweighs three points, you can quickly compensate for the harmony scale by setting a Yin commander (which provides for three yin points).

Be careful in the construction of buildings. If you are commissioned in a settlement a Yin building, you should always build a Yang building in another place – or next to explore a technology that also provides a Yang point. Here regularly gives the balance, initially needs something exercise , but pays off in every way.

also pays attention to yin and yang

Even the troops of Cathay include either Yin or Yang and fighting more effective when a unit of each other element is in its area . Therefore, always ensures that melee units (yang assigned) are always associated with remote fighters (yin associated with). If this is the case, for example, farmers’ sheet shooters benefit from increased reputability and a better guidance value.

Which element belongs to a unit shows the yin or yang symbol above the unit. If the symbol is displayed as a complete circle , the harmony bonus attacks. Important: The Yin / Yang Assignment of Regular troops only plays a role in real-time battles. On the harmony mechanics on the campaign card, they have no influence – unlike commands and heroes.

uses the ivory road as soon as possible

Immediately after the beginning of the campaign, Cathay players were the only group in total: Warhammer to send 3 caravans to generate a considerable amount of additional revenue. The following is: The further away is the destination of the caravan, the more money rinsed the journey at the end into the cash register.

However, on longer routes, the likelihood that the caravan is attacked by bandits. To minimize such attacks, you should rely on your caravan master as soon as possible ability “Wegfinder” . Also invest points in the skills “Hidden Bearing” and “Cargo Capacity”. The former ensures a faster healing of accompanying units, the latter allows the caravan to take more charge.

combines the Empire

The Large Caiserreich Cathay unleashes its full potential, especially when it is united. To achieve this condition, you should work up early on to destroy the rebels in the hinterland of the Great Wall. The same applies to the resident Tzeentch armies as well as the partly in the warpstone desert and north of marauding skaves.

Also, secure against the stirty Oger in the south . In addition, regular diplomacy with the other major Cathay Group is in focus. Want to mean: The sooner to close a non-aggression pact, the military alliance goes on, trade drives and the like, the faster a confederation is possible.

Sets the WU-XING compass situation due

With the WU-XING compass influence Cathay player in Total was: Warhammer 3 the winds of magic directly. At regular intervals, you can direct the compass into one of four directions and thus let certain bonuses. The rule of thumb here is: Do you have stress on the big bastion, then aligns the compass on the same point on the top left.

So, among other things, wounded armies heal faster. In addition, “Great Bastion” increases the defensive supplies with siege battles, reduces recruiting costs and turns the Army capacity “Heavenly Intervention” free.

If, on the other hand, income, growth and the winds of the magic are to be increased, the alignment “Heavenly Lake” is the first choice. “Anger of the Dragon Kiser”, in turn, is specifically offered when the control disappears in conquered regions and armies to suffer outside the wall wear. Stop “Warpstein Desert”: This ability then makes sense if your fine dears want to weaken in your home country and lower their corruption value.

Unit Guide for Cathay Players

Cathay has a very disciplined army. The advantages and disadvantages of the individual units we have summarized for you in the following:


  • Bauernlangspeerbärt (Yang): In the Earned Mode, thanks to its long spears, the opens bonus can neutralize any attacker. Costs little and are in larger quantities against large enemies a very probate medium.

CATHAY FACTION ESSENTIALS | Total War: Warhammer 3 (Miao Ying/Zhao Ming Gameplay, Mechanics & Tips)
* Jade Warrior (Yang): Prima armored infantry with sword and shield that brings nothing to the front on the front. Also available as a light level version with armor-penetrating weapons against large enemies.

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  • Heavenly Dragon Guard (Yang): This excellently armored elite unit can plug in a lot of damage, rushing attacks effortlessly and becomes extremely dangerous to large enemies in greater numbers.

Bullet infinity

  • Bauernbogenschützer (Yin): Passable sheet shooter unit that can be demonstrated by the loss and within a round of a round.
  • Iron hail contactors (Yin): The heavy thunderbenches of this unit penetrate armor quickly and effectively. Thanks to this ability well suited to defend the flanks of a formation from heavy riders.
  • JadeWrieger armbrust shooters (Yin): A multiple better armored than the peasant arch and iron hail scores. Also interesting due to their somewhat higher range. The maturity defense offers the variant with sign.
  • Crane Scorer (Yin): Precise ranged unit with considerable range. Several well-placed associations with free firing track can massively decimate a ridden army before a confrontation.
  • Armbrust shooters of the heavenly dragon (Yin): costly, but excellently armored elite armbrust shooters with armor-broadening bolt shot.

Cavalry & Officer

  • Bauernreiter (Yang): Very fleet Scouts unity, thanks to the intuxut setup also for rests good to use.
  • Jadadelanzreiter (Yang): moderately fast shock cavalry with very strong armor. First choice for flank attacks on infantry without spear weapons.
  • Great-Longma tab (Yang): Very expensive, but first-class air unit, which surrounds the Jadelanzreiter in all areas. High speed, combined with the avidity, make fast position changes to the breeze.


  • TerracottaWache (Yang): Unshakable, but heavy monster with legend and write 12,620 hit points. Measures sluggish but severe damage caused by attacks that effortlessly penetrate armor.

Flying war machines

  • Sky Lantern (Yin): Flying reconnaissance unit that can not land exactly like the larger sky slunning. Fire the two crane scores on board while the unit moves.
  • Himmelsdschunke (Yin): Flying war machine with many life points whose weapons do as much harm as the best cathay artillery. Disadvantage: has only the speed of regular infantry and also the ammunition is a bit scarce.

Artillery & War Machines

  • Great Cannon (Yin): Cannon pulled with extremely high range. Uses burning balls, the troops as well as burggors effortlessly blacken. Disadvantage: Memorably needs drifting.
  • Wu-Xing Warrior Compass (Yang): Magical Tags, which strengthens harmony. Is directed by a magician, which unleashes flashes and comets.
  • Fire Raining Rocket (Yin): This missile lavette is inferior to the large gun with regard to the range by 90 points, but with 622 damage to maximum destruction with 622 damage. Unfortunately, the precision sometimes leaves something to be desired.

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