Cyberpunk 2077 finally brings the original V with Update 1.5

When Cyberpunk 2077 was shown on E3 2018, there were many elements to see it did not make it in the finished game. One of the rather curious things was the look of V, who could not be imitated in the final version of us. With Update 1.5 this is finally possible.

The original face of V is now possible

CD Project Red has published update 1.5 last week. After all the problems around the launch, the game is finally playable in a form on the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S, how many have wished from the beginning.

With the huge patch, there were in addition to the technical improvements but also some smaller details added. How to divide FirstStrawberry187 to Reddit, there are now new options in creating V:

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What is new? You can now select a new option in the menu with eyes, ears, nose, mouth and chin. The number 22 corresponds exactly to the look of the female V, as they looked at the E3 2018. Your appearance in the gameplay was made by many for you to simulate this look. But that was not possible in this way.

This is the original look of V from E3 2018 :

V’s hairstyle and makeup continue to be missing

The V from E3 2018 has a slightly different hairstyle and other makeup despite Update 1.5. You can now adapt the face to the original V, but the original hairstyle and makeup is missing in the game.

Only by mods complete: In the video on Reddit, the hairstyle and the makeup was added by a mod. So unfortunately it is almost possible on the console to clear the V-Look. Even if the face fits, you have no chance to get the striking hair. Whether CD project Red dates can not be ruled out, but there is no official announcement in this regard.

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The new Update 1.5 has finally brought native versions for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S. We have looked at Cyberpunk 2077 exactly right on the PS5 and show in the tech check, which has improved.

Do you find the original look of V cool and you would like to imitate in the game?

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