Zlatan Ibrahimovic toying with career in Hollywood and talks about the future

Zlatan Ibrahimovic lacks the AC Milan for several weeks injured, the 40-year-old does not think of an early career end. Nevertheless, he already has a plan for the time after football.

“It’s Ibra, who decides when he stops. Many people tell me that I’m done with football, but I’m encouraged. I’m confident in everything I do,” Ibrahimovic said in the usual manner at radio 105 and led: “I do not know how far I’m going to go, but I always try to go beyond the limit. Why be normal if you can be stronger?”

The Swede can also imagine to take a completely new career after his active time. Also in Hollywood. “I’m curious about certain things: For example, to be an actor. I want something that gives me adrenaline, though nothing will be like football,” he explained.

Ibrahimovic himself will “make a difference. I have many projects. At the moment, however, I focus on being footballers.” He is correspondingly hot on his return to the square. “When I come back, I’ll tear down the stadium,” said the striker who is currently suffering from Achilles tendon complaints.

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Ibrahimovic is currently the oldest field players of the series A. reports from Italy, despite his advanced age, he present an offer for an extension of his in the summer for another year. However, to significantly lower references.

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