Rangnick: Elanga should “a few would take a model”

A 19-year-old had to finally judge it for Manchester United. For a long time, harmless appearance at Atletico Madrid, the Red Devils were offensively missing to the final phase essential things. Neither by Jadon Sancho, nor from Marcus Rahsford, nor by Cristiano Ronaldo was something to see, the bite defensive of Colchoneros seemed seemingly too intimidating.

Also defensive was manunited not at the height, especially in passage 1. “What we have played in the first half, I still can not believe,” Ralf Rangnick said to “BT Sport”. His team played “without conviction” and “without the necessary aggressiveness”.

“It’s fun to watch him”.

75 minutes, Rangnick looked up before taking the first offensive change. The 63-year-old brought Anthony Elanga for Rashford – and changed the compensation. The 19-year-old Swede hit his first action crucial in appearance, a steep pass from Bruno Fernandes he recalled carefightly to the left corner.

By compensating after 80 minutes, Elanga became the latest goalkeeper United in the K.-O. phase of the Champions League, Rangnick then swarmed over him. “It’s fun to watch him. I wish a few other players would take him to the model. Not because he does everything right, but because he enjoys himself on the square.” A clear announcement to Rangnick’s remaining offensive staff, which spoke on Wednesday evening all one-counter-one situations.

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According to its own statement, Elanga got announced with its substitution of Rangnick to “scare the defensive atleticos. He himself had only “the best player in the square”. Matchwinner for United became the youngster every now, through the 1: 1, the Red Devils in the second leg of his own audience have the best opportunities. “As we shot the gate, we have to play against them,” says Rangnick, as he wants to achieve the quarterfinals on March 15 with United.

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