How to clean the center

The last of us, part II is often a masterclass in Level Design with open roads but telegraphies to follow. The first day of Ellie in Seattle is, however, a little different. Here, the game opens briefly, allowing you to freely explore various places in downtown Seattle. By visiting them all, you will win the Sightseer trophy and a lot of supplies. To make sure you do not miss any optional locations, you will want to see your card frequently.

The 10 pitches in downtown Seattle

In addition to the Fedra door that Ellie and Dina meet for the first time, there are 10 locations that you will need to explore thoroughly to unlock the Sightseer Trophy, eight of which are fully optional. While Elie and Dina cross the area, Ellie will follow all the clues that she will detect with a question mark and stream all the locations that have been erased. The card itself can be retrieved just outside Seattle in a construction trailer along the highway, but if you miss it, it will appear randomly in drawers throughout the level.

Westlake Bank at the corner of the 5th and James

This is the only optional place where you will encounter enemies, but it’s well worth the excursion. Head under the collapsed facade in the bank, take out the infection you find and you will be treated with a nice pump rifle in the safe.

Building destroyed at the corner of the 6th and Marion

There is not much in this destroyed building. All you need to do to clean this area is to ride what remains of the inner staircase and drill a few windows to pick everything up on the overhanging of the building.

Music Store on 5

On the east side of the 5th avenue between Marion and Madison, you will find the Valiant Music Shop. Inside, there are supplies that you can pick up, and on the second floor is a guitar you can play for Dina. See you up to see you again at the next location.

Fedra control point in front of the music store

From the second floor of the music store, you can cross a FedRA control point to find a tent with supplies and a established inside. Ellie will shoot a key on his card to indicate this place.

gate West 2 on Madison

Just north of the Fedra tent is the west gate 2. Slip between fences and you will find a safe that you can attack. The combination for the safe is 0451, the same as the West 2 code written on the piece of paper that Ellie would have found earlier, before entering the area.

Café Ruston at the corner of the 5th and spring

Inside the coffee, you will find more supplies, as well as the key to the company’s pet store, the next place you will want to visit.


On the other side of the Improorant Music Shop, you will find the Barko pet store. You will need to use the key on the door on the side of the building to enter. Inside, you will find an additional rifle case that you can also use.

under the viaduct I-5

Between Madison and Spring, you will find a collapsed part of the i-5 viaduct. Here, there is an abandoned Fedra truck, you will need to enter to erase the last optional location.

The synagogue of 5

Between Marion and Columbia is the synagogue. This is one of the mandatory places that Ellie and Dina will have to visit.

The courthouse between Spring and Madison

You will have to enter the parking lot of the courthouse by the side of the building to find the gas of which Ellie and Dina need to advance the main story of the game.

Once you have explored all the places in downtown Seattle, you will unlock the Sightseer Trophy. If you miss it, you can always go back and play the level via the chapter selection option. You only have to visit the places you have missed the first time, then the trophy will be yours.

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