Is it possible to sell Ashes of War in Elden Ring?

During your travel on the lands between you, you can meet the ashes of the war that you do not need. For Ashes of War, weapons may be required that you do not use, or which may simply do not fit your game style. Instead of leaving them in inventory, can you sell the ashes of war in Elden Ring?

Yes, the ashes of war can be sold for runes from the blacksmith. The blacksmith in the fortress of the round table is easily accessible and can upgrade the armament, equip the ashes of the war and will gladly buy your unnecessary ash of war.

Select the “Sell” tab and scroll to the ruins of war. Each Ash of War can be sold at least 300 runes, and better – more expensive. Ashes of War can affect various attributes, including basic damage, force scaling and agility, as well as add special skills. The type of ash of war will determine the scaling of attributes that may or can help your style of the game.

If you need a runes and you have a few unnecessary ash of war, quickly go to the fortress of the round table to sell them. Please note that if you sell the ashes of the war, it cannot be canceled, but you can find it again on the map.

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