Fantastic aloy cosplay gets Horizon Forbidden West in reality

Only recently is the second game with flag-heroine Aloy for Playstation 5 and 4 appeared: Horizon Forbidden West. You will find our detailed test of the blockbuster title.

Fits a young German artist has some stunning images of her fantastic aloy cosplay Parat, which she shared on her Instagram account with many thousand follower and followers.

_The must have seen pictures below! _

Great cosplay to Horizon Forbidden West

Although many new top games are enhanced around the attention in the gaming world, for example Elden Ring, Lost Ark, Dying Light 2 and Gran Turismo 7. But about one and a half weeks after release is also Horizon Forbidden West continues high in the course.

The action role-playing game for the Next-Gen Console PlayStation 5 as well as the playstation 4 came to the years is not perfect, but despite little quirks a game of extra class, as we attest to the Sony-Game in our XXL review.

Heroin Aloy brought to life

The game and especially its protagonist Aloy through the breathtaking cosplay of a young German artist named Nora Lemmer.

On Instagram she shares numerous images of her great work, in the certainly countless hours and a lot of trouble.

Here you can see one of the best pictures of your aloy cosplay. Many more finds her on herinstagram profile.

More great cosplays with aloy

Aloy Cosplay Showcase - Horizon Forbidden West

Even if this aloy cosplay certainly belongs to the most impressive, it is far from the only 1. Other fantastic cosplays The horizon heroine can be found here, for example, and here, or here.

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Will coming soon microstransaktions?

Always the latest news, exciting features and specials, interesting videos, and much more to the Playstation-hit Horizon Forbidden West can be found on our topic for the game. Will the Sony Game soon get a in-game store and microtransaktions? We go to these questions here.

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