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There is no shortage of characters to get to know around the world of Magalan, and some of them will do everything possible to take advantage of you. Felix, which can be found near Morkon’s fortress, is one of those who tries, but with the answers below he can get a great elexit. Here is our guide for the Elex 2 ESFA work mission.

When asked, tell Felix that you are inside, and to really earn some solid money on the scam mission, it bet 1,000 elexit every time.

Question 1: During the war with the Albs, who was the Lord of the High Range War in Edan, known as ‘El Pilgrim’?
Reply: Lord of War Thorald

Question 2: What community was in power in the vaulted city of Abessa just before the end of the war with the Albas?
Reply: Clerics

Question 3: What is the name of the first elexer who occupied the throne of the Ice Palace during the war with the Albs?
Reply: Tarek

At the end of the 3 questions, you will have to choose.

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  • Low destruction – If your level is low enough, you can choose the peaceful way and keep your 3,000 Elexit and Felix will go.
  • High destruction – If you want to fight, or if your level of destruction is high, you can fight with it and get some additional elexit cleaning further the pockets of it.

In general, it is a small secondary mission easy that can generate a truly solid elexit (+3,000) to use in its preparation, updates or simply to buy more food. If you played the first game, you should have known all the answers that gave you! If you want to earn money even easier, see also our guide The Capital Temple!

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