Nintendo Switch Online: To complete missions and receive rewards to customize your profile

Nintendo Switch players were surprised today to find a new feature to Nintendo Switch online that they seem to reward for checking in the NSO app. This seems to be inspired by My Nintendo Rewards in the past, but with better onboard integration, and is also based on Xbox Game Pass Rewards, such as: B. forgiving points for playing games offered on the service. You may want to know how to access it, so we looked at how you can access everything. Continue reading for our guide How to close missions and receive rewards on Nintendo Switch online!

Nintendo Switch Online: How to complete missions and receive rewards to customize your profile

The first step is opening the Nintendo Switch Online App at the bottom left of your Switch Home screen and select Missions & Rewards in the displayed menu . From here you can see tabs on the top of the screen, including missions, platinum points that you get for whom graduation, and the symbol collection that you unlock with your points. You should stop by regularly and complete as many missions as possible to get all available rewards as they change each month.

Nintendo Switch Online Updated With NEW Achievement-Like Missions & Unlockable Rewards! - Tour

The missions

If you select the top left tab, you will get to the missions. NSO lists 4 missions of which 3 seem changing weekly . These include general functions such as playing a game that supports online games, backing up their storage data and using this app. The 4th mission is to play a presented title, which is provided by the service , this week is Super Mario Bros. And this mission takes 31 days. Look over every week again to complete your missions and collect platinum points. Note that the My Nintendo service is still active, so you definitely look by if you have not subscribed to NSO for other types of rewards.

The rewards

The app lists a rotating set of rewards every month, so this is the beginning of March event with Super Mario Odyssey and Animal Crossing: New Horizons Rewards. Each week, there are several characters and frames that you can unlock for your switch avatar, so prioritize those you want the most before different mario content appears. Characters cost 10 platinum points, while backgrounds and frames cost 5 points.

While the Mario content is likely to be changed to a new title next month, the rewards of Animal Crossing symbols for characters with birthdays from the current month will contain, so that other AC characters will be included in April. The March Event will lead PDT directly to the April-Event at 18:00 on April 4, with the weekly changing rewards also change every Monday at 18:00.

How to adjust your profile

Once you’ve purchased what you want, navigate to at the top left of the NSO app menu to your profile and select the “Create icon” Possibility. You will be brought to the symbol creation menu, where you can click the “Create Your Symbol” button at the bottom of the screen to select your background, character and frame. Alternatively, in the symbol creation menu, a number of symbols based on what you have unlocked is randomly selected, and you can select one of them. Once you have created your icon, it will be displayed in your profile and can be edited and will be displayed for friends in your account. Please note that this option is not displayed in your profile in the main menu of Switch.

This completes our guide How to complete missions and receive rewards on Nintendo Switch online! This is a step in the right direction in the direction of some overdue customization options on the switch and hopefully in the future means more functions like topics for the Home screen. This could also calm fans who wanted characters to be represented from other franchises in the icon menu, so we will hopefully see games like Xenoblade or Fire Emblem in later months.

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