The Novell Games, which will be filed the day before “GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO”, will start free delivery for PS4. As a sensitive detective KK, chase the monsters in Tokyo half a year ago

Bethesda SoftWorks started delivery of “ GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO-Prelude ” on March 2. Corresponding platforms can be playstation 4 with backward compatibility. It is a work that will be the last day of “Ghostwire: Tokyo” that has been released.

“Ghostwire: TOKYO-Prelude” is a visual novel game. In this work, the new action adventure game “Ghostwire: TOKYO” by Tango Gameworks “Ghostwire: TOKYO” is drawn, and the first story is drawn. The protagonist is the sensitive detective “KK”. He will face the phenomenon as if the urban legend became a reality, along with his fellow vendor detective, as he followed his missing friends.

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In the main story of “GHOSTWIRE: Tokyo”, KK appears as a hero’s buddy and second hero. In addition, in the information published so far, KK has been an entity like a spirit of a spirit.

In the introductory article in the PlayStation Blog, Mr. Shinji Kimura, “Ghostwire: Tokyo” Director, “The width of the interpretation for the world we have made by experiencing the other genre that another team has made. It may be possible to expand it. ” In addition, Mr. Keihiro, a scenario writer, is a work that can enjoy a different settled atmosphere with the main story. By knowing KK through “Ghostwire: TOKYO-Prelude”, we have conveyed that KK’s lines and side understanding in “Ghostwire: TOKYO” deepens.

“GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO-Prelude” is free delivery for PS4 / PS5 (backward compatible). The main story “GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO” will be released on March 25 for PlayStation 5 / PC (Steam / Epic Games Store).

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