Epic Games Acquires Song Delivery Platform Bandcamp. A hand of further expansion to the music field

Epic Games announced that he acquired music streaming / selling platform Bandcamp on March 3. The two companies have a statement on the official site.

Bandcamp is a music delivery platform that has started selling songs downloaded in 2008. The site offers services focusing on indie artists, and it is a mechanism that can deliver music for free / for me instead of major artists. In addition, the attitude and low royalty prioritizes the artist are also listed, and offering a place of easy activity to indie artists and labels and attractive high profits.

In Japan, Mr. Hirasawa, a famous artist, which provided music to the viewing point action “Ruiner”, has opened a BANDCAMP page. In addition to “Terraria” “Main Craft”, “HADES” and “Undertale”, a soundtrack for many game works is also sold. In addition to utilizing a well-known artist, it can be said that game music delivery is also a highly affinity platform.

Epic Games Buy Bandcamp!
According to BandCamp announcement, the site should continue to be operated as an independent platform after the acquisition. In addition, in BANDCAMP’s revenue model, we convey the policy to protect this artist priority model as the artist averages 82% of sales. In addition to the basic functions implemented, such as an album page or mobile app, a search and discovery function, we will promote further development and development over Epic Games, up to new strategies such as record board press services and live streaming It is said that.

In addition, as the reason for agreed to the acquisition of Epic Games this time, the BANDCAMP side is because the BANDCAMP’s philosophy and the EPIC GAMES policy consistent with the goal of raising the community. Also for the EPIC GAMES side, “Fair open platform is essential for the future of the creator economy”, and the policy of making a platform that returns profits to the creation is matched with BANDCAMP. BandCAMP will play an important role in building a wide marketplace of Epic Games not limited to music.

Epic Games Acquires Last-established Music Games Studio Harmonix in November. Showing the movement to expanding music content in “Fort Night” developed and operated by the company (related articles). This BandCamp acquisition may also lead to strengthening interactive music experiences throughout the game.

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