[Review] Sensibility. Painter. Passed Easus VG278QR Gaming Monitor

Computer-related devices and hardware manufacturers ASUS (hereinafter referred to as ASUS) are one of the Taiwanese large enterprises that produce and sell a variety of products from notebooks to monitor and surrounding gears. In addition, we see that the products related to PCs such as wireless routers, coolers, etc. are almost mostly made, and sometimes the fun products are coming out. For example, there is a product called HD3850X3 with three Radeon HD3850.

If you look at it, you can stretch out the octopus, and make a variety of products, and you can think of it, but you can think of it, but it is not. The mainboard is independent of the world-wide proven products, and other monitors, coolers, laptops, and keymas (keyboard, mouse, headset) and are also good evaluations for gamers.

ASUS VG278QR Gaming Monitor Review - 0.5ms Response Time!

Among them, the ROG (Log), which is the advanced gaming line-up of Aasus, is released since 2006 and attracts many popularity among gamers. Unlike the Easus products for general consumer sales, there is no problem with high-performance parts, as well as high performance parts, as well as high performance components. ~ ~ We decided to call ROG (log) emotion ~ ~

Certainly, it is highly priced compared to the other Easus products of the Easus products of the Easus products, which add various details such as design and clean finish in high performance products. Today, Izus VG278QR Gaming Monitor is also the same ROG product, but the price is very affordable for the class. Although it has been released, it is a gaming monitor that is not yet used as active.

■ Product Information

Easus VG278QR Gaming Monitor

  • Size : 27 inch (68.6cm)

  • Type : Flat Monitor

  • Screen ratio : 16: 9 (Wide)

  • Panel : TN Panel

  • Resolution : 1920 x 1080 (FHD)

  • Maximum Inspection Rate : 165Hz

  • Response speed : 0.5ms (GTG)

  • Brightness : 400CD

  • Contrast ratio : 1,000: 1

  • Color Reproducibility : NTSC: 72%

  • Display terminal : HDMI x1 / dp x1 / dvi x1

  • Barda Hall : 100 x 100mm

  • Original compatibility : FreeSync Premium / G-sync compatible support

  • Stand : Pivot (rotation) / swivel (left and right) / tilt (upper and lower) / elevation (height) support

  • Size : (With stand) 619 x (376 ~ 506) x 211 (mm)

  • Weight : (with stand) 5.6kg

  • Price : 296,000 won (22.03.04, Dana and lowest price)

■ Product appearance and internal function in the monitor

It now shows a faster response rate of 0.5ms (GTG), not the high-rate of 165Hz of the gaming monitor and a high-rate of 165Hz (GTG) of GTG (GTG). The panel has been adopted for a typically encompassed TN panel, and an EXTREME LOW MOTION BLUR (ELMB (Extreme Low Motion BLUR) technology, which has adopted a small TN panel and grabbed motion blur. The monitor brightness is 400cd, which is quite high among the same specification monitor.

Compatible with both the group and the free sync and use the monitor in the monitor to use the game plus (OSD) to adjust the aimed point, and the timer is used for the FPS game. In addition, it is also possible to monitor through the upper left corner of the monitor on the gameplay through the FPS counter, and when the display alignment is activated, three sorting lines are provided to the four corners of the monitor, and each monitor can be reliably aligned.

In addition, 7 predetermined display modes are provided for the desired content type through the Eass game visual (preset). The display mode can be easily adjusted according to the OSD setting menu described above. Flicker-free technology and low blue light that reduce the fatigue of the eyes, and the user can feel the visual comfort.

■ Monitor test video

The test simply progresses responding, responding to responding speed, resolution scan rate test, defective pixel test, light gala, bruising, and Hanji test, and image representation testing. There were no more than all the tests, and despite the gaming monitor, we showed compliance with the image representation.

■ I can not miss the game

I played a battle ground directly, one of the action RPG Eldingling and a typical FPS game that is hot these days. For Eldning Ring, it was difficult to optimize, but it has shown a good look in background expressions and screen switching, and the battle ground has a high-rate rate of 0.5ms (GTG) and a high-rate rate of 165Hz. I showed a smooth and seamless shape in the game play.

■ Main also OK, Subroo OK

Turning the Pivot function vertically to watch the monitor, watching the video, it is certainly a submissure. However, it also shows that it is a problem that it is not a problem with a main monitor for a user who enjoys FPS games at a high rate and response rate. The TN panel can be called viewing angle if it sees the disadvantage of disadvantages, and it is not a problem because the angle can be freely adjusted. I want to be a product that has attracted the advantage of the TN panel to the maximum value.

The exterior is also a half spoon, but it feels a half spoon, but a stereoscopic form is not much different from the existing Rog products. The stand also shows a stable, even if you turn the monitor vertically, using the pivot function to a heavy and durable seventh round.

Nowadays, NVIDIA and AMD, the youngest line, 3050 or 6500XT graphics cards are available at a decent price, and they think that with compliance graphics cards are used with compliant graphics cards to show a decent performance. ROG I would like to try to try to achieve emotions, or for users who enjoy FPS games, they also recommend that they are cheap.

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