Forteright Arcade – an easy and fun way to learn piano

Have you ever considered learning the piano? Did you abandon this idea after finding the complexity of some partitions? Well, now, for the very first time, you can learn to play the piano without even knowing the musical notes or knowing how to read partitions. How is it possible? Thanks to Forteright Arcade, you can learn the piano in a fun, creative and innovative way.

What is Arcade? This is a keyboard training device designed to teach anyone playing piano in just minutes. It includes a mobile application that makes the whole process similar to a video game experience. The nearest comparison would be something like a guitar hero, but for the piano.

Duncan Laurence - Arcade | EASY Piano Tutorial

But how does it work? Well, the notes are represented by visual bars on the screen, and they descend to the piano keys. Once they reach the bottom of the screen, simply press the corresponding key. This makes the learning process much easier and much more fun. You no longer need to worry about learning notes, ranges and all that has enabled countless people to give up learning to play this tremendous musical instrument.

Very friendly. Namely, it integrates easily with a mobile application that supports Android and iOS devices. From there, the user can choose a music lesson in the online library. It is also possible to learn the song in convenient mode before playing it completely. This will divide the song into several segments and allow you to learn them one by 1. Once you have learned it this way, you can play real time. Whenever you finish a song, you receive a partition that depends on your performance. This score will be followed by the application and indicate the places where you can improve.

The Plan of The Arcade must be funded via the Kickstarter campaign. The first 200 customers will receive The Arcade Early Bird Special at 199 USD, while The Arcade Kickstarter Special will be $ 249. Once the participatory financing campaign has been completed, the retail price of The Arcade should be 349 USD, depending on the manufacturer.

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