The next WOW extension is officially announced on 19 April!

Rejoice, dear WoW friends, because on 19 April 2022 the long time of the Bangens and speculating is over the future of World of Warcraft. On April 19, 2022, the next WOW extension will be officially revealed! “On April 19, the developer team of World of Warcraft reveals the next extension. We would like to show you what we have worked in the last few months and where You will take your adventure in Azeroth next, “writes John Hight, General Manager of Warcraft on behalf of Blizzard Miscellaneous on the WOW website.

WOW 10.0 – DragonMurk? Awakings? Galakaros?

What will expect to us with WOW 10.0 on the live servers of the online role-playing game is not known. The Blizzards can also be elicited no indication in their announcement for announcement. But in May 2022, there is still a news to Wow, because then the first Warcraft game is released for mobile. What is going to act? No idea! But maybe the announcement heading “flower splendor in May” is a hint. Warcraft Go in Pikmin style? Who knows!

Hearthstone extension also in the hindquarters

THIS IS IT: WoW’s Next Expansion Datamined?!

Yes, even in March, the Warcraft franchise is already round, to which Hearthstone is well known. On 15 March 2022 details are presented to the first of the three annual extensions and there will also be an insight into the changes to the core set. So, how does it look like? Did you mark the 15th of March 2022 for Hearthstone? April 19, 2022 for World of Warcraft (Buy Now)? Both dates? May for the flower magic from Warcraft on your phone? Hype? Or do you prefer the ball flat?

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