Blizzard, WOW New Extension Pack April, Mobile Game May Disclosure

On March 8, Blizzard released the 20022 roadmap for the “Warcraft> IP on the official homepage” The Future of Warcarft).

One of the core is the release of the information of the mobile game that will be released in May. Blizzard has been recruiting the relevant workforce through the announcement of the “Warcraft> developer recruitment announcements, and in February, we announced the official announcement of the Mobile Games of through the announcement of quarterly earnings. In this May announcement, the details of the mobile game, which have only been rumored in the meantime, will be released.

Otherwise, there is a new expansion pack in 2022, which will be released on March 15th. Blizzard plans to release a total of three expansion packs in 2022, and explained that it will release a 2022 roadmap, including a core set change in the 15th.

WoW's Next Expansion – April 19

On April 19, the development team discloses the direct next expansion pack, and until then, he said to have the end of the “Eternal End” of . Currently, has eight expansion packs, and 1 expansion packs have been released every two years. The most recent release expansion pack is <Darkness in November 20, 2020.

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