Elden Ring Fan finds creative way to easily destroy the flame armor

With Elden Ring, fromSoftware continues to build on well-known elements of its old games – a legacy level of difficulty and opponents that can destroy you within seconds. The open game world of the action role-playing game offers you significantly more options to approach a dispute. This also proves the video of a fan, which switches off one of the brutal moving flame allers with only one punch with the help of the environment.

Elden ring fan eliminates a mini boss without problems

In Elden Ring, there are traditional boss arenas, in which it is mainly about fast reactivity. But even in the open-world stripes extremely strong opponents around. If you are attentive, you can use the environment for your own benefit and shorten a fight. This also succeeded Reddit user Quickmemer.

In the later course of the campaign you will meet in Elden Ring on Mobile Flamens. This attack from the front usually comes to a suicide. Although you can handle a little luck from behind to turn off the driver, but there is an even better option: finds a cliff, wait until the vehicle approaches and attacks it from above.

And so the whole thing looks in action:

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Hidden Tips: How some comments say under the Reddit Post, you can buy a trader a note that advises you to attack the flame armor from above. In other games, this indication would probably automatically pop up on the screen, but not so in ELDEN ring, which lives from the rate and replacement of the community.

Why your Elden Ring is absolutely to play, you will learn in the test video:

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gets Elden Ring Multiplayer-DLC?

From software publishes traditionally enhancements for your games – so we also expect DLC for Elden Ring, especially as the success and the Open World structure also speak for it. Perhaps the preparation for a new area is already in the code, because DataMiners have found a ominous arena that might be able to serve PVP fights in the future. Such multiplayer extensions already existed in the past, for example for Dark Souls 3.

Have your opponent in Elden Ring already defeated in a particularly creative way?

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