Bungie is working on a new game in third person

Although Bungie is still quite busy, throwing new updates and content for _ Destiny 2 _, it seems that the study is already enrolled to work on its next great project. We say this because recently they published new work vacancies where they are looking to hire someone with experience in third-party games.

Specifically, the new vacancy published by Bungie mention that they are in search of a creative director to work in a third-party action game. Obviously, the details about this project are still quite scarce and do not even know if it could be related to Destiny in some way, but apparently, another vacancy suggests that it will have elements of PVP.

Bungie's NEW eSports PvP Game! *Spinfoil hats*
Interestingly, this would not be the first time we learned about the existence of this new game. Previously, other work vacancies also revealed that with this next game, bungie wants to go back to the ESPORTS scene, something they have not done again since they worked at halo in the middle of the year 2000. It will be a matter of time before additional details are revealed, but for now we can only wait.

Editor’s note: It will definitely be interesting to see a bungie game in third person. We know that there are certain sections in the Destiny Games that allow us to use this type of camera, but in reality they are very limited parts and it seems that this new project will adapt this format in its entirety.

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