Wow: Patch 9.2.5 shows, now nothing is impossible

Already last year around Patch 9.1.5, the developers of Blizzard were fully proclaimed that now a new age would begin in World of Warcraft. Many cornerstones of the game, which were considered absolutely inviolable for years, should now be adapted to the test stand and if necessary. On the one hand, one would like to listen to the feedback of the players now and, on the other hand, do not back in prior to such content, which actually make up the basis of the game. Everything should be subordinated to the one goal: WOW to make a better experience for the players.

These announcements made the developers with patch 9.1.5 first, albeit smaller, actions. Above all, a lot of relief for laggers and twinks were integrated. But the stream also clinging on systems such as TimeGating via Torghast restrictions has been part of the past since then.

Patch 9.2 – Blizz makes serious

With the latest update 9.2, the developers then made really serious and threw things about the pile, which the players have been annoying for a long time, but they were always recorded. The largest point is certainly the uncoupling of the player power from most content of the new update.

Ciphering the first, call for the enlightened, the Zereth Mortis area, the new Torghast levels – all this is largely optional. Who makes it just about the reinforcement of his character, which can be theoretically left this content. This not only caused it to felt players less crowded, but let the features appear in a completely new light. Instead of “having to have”, you can now deal as much as you like yourself. This revealed noticeably behind the fun factor. Without the self-imposed performance printing, the new content can be consumed much better and enjoyed.

Patch 9.2.5 – big upheaval

Even before 9.2 arrived on the live servers, the developers also announced the first adjustment for patch 9.2.5 – and it has it in themselves. With the upcoming update, players of the Horde and Allianz will be able to fight for the first time in the history of WOW (Buy Now) together side by side. Dungeons and Raids are unlocked across groups. Outside the instances, however, the two fractions remain refined. Despite features such as LFR, cross-servers or flexible raid sizes, this adaptation should probably represent the largest change in the history of the MMOs so far.

After all, the cleavage in Horde and Allianz has been an elementary and central component of the brand since the beginning of Warcraft. And a few months ago, nobody was likely to be seriously introduced (even if we had hoped it more often) that Blizzard would soften this border at some point.

What’s next?

At the same time this will not be the end of the flagpole. The developers were not tired in the interviews around Patch 9.2 that now all the features and pillars of the game are really on the test bench, and they would be back to nothing, which could have a positive impact on the gaming experience. And even if the developers did not communicate this directly, they have gained the impression that especially the farewell of the old guard on developers, many of whom had to take their hat in the course of sexism scandal, for this rethinking. In the past, many such suggestions and thoughts have been rejected directly again because “this and that was always so and an integral part of WOW would be”.

This concludes. But what does this mean for the future of wow? Which changes could now follow? We have put together and considered which adjustments from the developers should at least be discussed and in our eyes could have a positive effect on the game. We are very intentionally in the conjunctive, because we also see Wow of course only from one of many angles. The developers, on the other hand, are currently grabbing the advice of the players, in which many such things are discussed in peace and in detail. But of course we want to share you at our thoughts.

The end of the political groups

Another great adaptation that is close to 9.2.5, of course, is the complete abolition of the fractions or at least the completely fall of the fraction limits. It is a progress that I can play mythical-plus dungeons with my friends of the other faction. However, there are many more obstacles. Comprehensive guilds or common quests remain impossible with the new feature, but make an important part of the communities in WOW. As long as the faction boundaries still exist, the playscape remains further split. Patch 9.2.5 If the boundaries of the factions deviates – we will soon fall completely. Source: WOW

A NO-brainer

9.2 Jailer's Death Cinematic (2022) - Sepulcher of First Ones Ending [WoW: Eternity's End Lore]
At this point, we are not only sure that it is already discussed internally, but also that it is only a matter of time until it is implemented. The current solution acts in our eyes rather half-wheeled and not meant enough. But that is completely understandable. Because Blizzard does not want to go wrong here and rather too slowly as too fast. Confirm the developers: There is no way back.

If the boundaries have fallen once, they are by no means rebuilt. The upcoming enlargement would be a good time to dissolve the fractions. It may also be a reason why the developers have not lost a word for upcoming enlargement. Should such a feature be planned there, then you prefer to wait a few days longer to collect a lot of feedback and just none to announce what you need to take back again.

Mega server

The players in two factions can be separated from the point of view of the gaming experience is not good – to distribute them on drilly servers but also not. In addition, the server structures in WoW have been washed over the years as far as they do not make any more sense at the present time. On the one hand we have no real internal server communities for a long time, but on the other hand, we still have several artificial restrictions between the servers. Similar to cross-group instances, we are allowed to play with players of other servers, but a guild is not possible. The communities introduced by Blizzard are unfortunately a weak replacement. Real server communities are not available in WOW for a long time. Source: WOW

Bad examples

Other MMOs have impressively viewed the disadvantages of each server in recent months: long queues, full and empty servers, missing interaction among friends and much more. Of course, these little servers also provide advantages. It creates communities and you know each other. Exactly what the players have appreciated to Wow Classic so much.
The current server structure in Shadowlands offers nothing of it. A change to a few mega servers, such as a per language, would bring many advantages here. So why not? An important counter-argument should be the revenue from the character services. These would then be completely eliminated – much like a case of fractions. But whether Blizzard continues to make the revenue under Microsoft leadership in the future via the gaming experience? We hope that a rethink uses.

The name problem

As a counter-argument for mega servers, the problem of the names is often addressed. Because if all servers are thrown together shortly, we certainly have some character names twice and triple. But we do not apply this argument because it has already been solved with the connected servers. Karangor simply became Karangor-Ysera. That sounded after a emergency solution, but has caught up over time. No rooster crows more today. Of course, it may affect a mega server perhaps a bit funny if common name are dozenfach represented, but we will get used to it quickly.

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