Humble Bundle achieves the pole: Saga SIM Bundlesetto Corsa, Rfactor 2 and more for less than 12 euros

Humble Bundle Remember the four-wheeled followers. The Ultimate Racing SIM Bundle, SIM Bundle the newly releSIM Bundleed package is called, gathers some of the PC header simulators for less than 12 euros. SIM Bundlesetto Corsa Competizione, Motorist 2 and Iracing are just some of those that includes.

Humble Bundle, driving simulators package: prices and games

Complete package (11.93 euros)

  • SIM Bundlesetto Corsa Competizione
  • SIM Bundlesetto Corsa Ultimate Edition
  • 3 months of Iracing for new subscribers
  • Automobile.
  • Automobile 2.
  • RFACTOR 2.
  • Drift21.
  • Coupon 20% discount on wheel thRustmSIM Bundleter T248
  • Coupon 20% discount on wheel thRustmSIM Bundleter T150

Second objective (8.26 euros)

  • SIM Bundlesetto Cossa Ultimate Edition
  • RFACTOR 2.
  • Automobile.

Third objective (4.58 euros)

  • Automobile.

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In the cSIM Bundlee of discount coupons for the two ruffles, the promotion is only available in North American territory. On the other hand, the subscription of Iracing is only redeemable for new members, that is, those who have not played before. All codes are redeemable in Steam except that of Iracing , which for obvious reSIM Bundleons can only be exchanged on its platform.

You have until next Wednesday, March 30 to be able to acquire it. Part of the benefits (which you can choose) will be destined A JDRF and Direct Relief , Charity organizations.

Hunble Bundle currently hSIM Bundle other active promotions. The video game heroines pack allows you to make you with Scarlet Nexus, Gears 5, Celeste and four other games plus less than 18 euros. All of them for Steam. You can know the details in full by clicking on this link. If you prefer to look for a mix between the main platforms, in Meristation we have reviewed the most outstanding promotions at the time when these lines are written. Click here to discover what awaits you in this Ecuador of the month of March.

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