Wow: Maybe its ok if a 14-year-old character fades from the story

Most of the time when I write about the story of WOW or specifically that of Shadowlands, the mood is negative. The fact that is disappointing the finale around the Chairman was to be foreseen from the outset. And as well as all Lore experts I pursue online, have suffered themselves to meet the disappointing story and above all the final of Shadowlands.

Something about the project Wow (Buy Now) at Blizzard times again neatly wrong, for some reason lacked a complete patch and probably is the reason why you had to bend the stories of Sylvanas and the Chairman somehow that everything was too without explanatory main patch makes sense.

So this time I saved a negative comment, leaving the assessment of the situation of our Lore-Expert Tanja and looks reasonably positive forward and think that the planned new beginning for the WOW lore may not be so bad is.

Look How They Massacred My Boy

With the final in the mausoleum, the storywers make a hard cut. As Arthas as a blue 25-anima cloud was passed from Sylvanas and without comment by Jaina and Uther to nothing, was a blow in the face for all WOW fans.

With the Cheer Master ends according to its own statement of the developers of the part of the story of WOW, which is told since Warcraft 3. Even that sounds like a wading for what the previous storycres have come up with. But that’s what it takes for this inevitable painful degree.

In June 2021, I had written that the Shadowlands somehow are not what I imagined. Hardly referred to old deceased characters, little nostalgia, which looked very much for giving away potential. But now we know why not more old characters of WoW story were picked up.

You can not stick to icons eternally

Why is it okay to let icons like Arthas go? Because it is slowly at the time. The best anecdote to help me actually on Twitch.

When I switched off the preparations of Liquids RAID ladder Max before World First Race , he wanted to illustrate a boss mechanism and took advantage of a boss ability from Mistt’s Pandaria. Sounds normal, but unfortunately, half the zoomer did not know what he meant.

Mop is now a nine-year-old extension. Even most players of the top guilds did not even play Wow, because they were too young! Yes, you can feel old. Above all, this also leads to one thing that we are a lot to be biased when it comes to WoW figures, which half of the WOW players no longer really know and rather little there is what happens to them.

And now you get in mind that Wotlk is four years older than Mop . How long does one want to realistically consider iconic figures like Arthas in life? Do we really want to retain after almost 20 years Wow and the soon 14-year-old anniversary of Wotlk still to our prince gained in Warcraft 3 dear prince, just so that the WoW boomers feel a nostalgic feeling?

Have a positive look into the future

Don't Watch My Story Animated

I’m just as disappointed as many others from the community and probably there would have been dozens better ways to leave Lore to Arthas, Sylvanas and the Chairman, but you have to admit yourself as a WoW boomer that it never the perfect solution for gives a hard cut.

Now I just hope that Danuser and Co. are really well implemented for the nasty powers, in front of which Sargeras, the Cherkermeister and others have warned to him. How do you see the final of Shadowlands and the Pasture of Arthas? We are looking forward to your opinion in the comments.

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