Overwatch Feeling Team FPS Gundam Evolution April Steam Test

At the time of the first public, the new Gundam IP game ‘Gundam Evolution’ gathered in the steam on April 7th on April 7th.

9 Minutes Of Gundam Evolution Gameplay

Participation application is received from March 28, and selects the final participant through lottery. On the Steam page, click on the Request for the Play Test When you click on the request, the application is completed, and the win is known through the email registered in the steam account after March 31.

The network test participants can receive a stamp for Gundam Evolution if you participate in Langcage once more. Participants who have achieved seasonal passes to 20 LV during the test period provide a dedicated skin and inorganic skins.

Gundam Evolution is a six-to-six strategy team shooting game, using unique weapons and capabilities that you have met in the Gundam series, and a team that achieves more achievements by game by using a unique weapon and capabilities. Until now, the units released are 14 species such as Gundam, Gundam Accia, Lion, and Jaku.

Gundam Evolution can be seen as PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X / S, XBOX ONE, PC. This test is only carried out on steam, and other platform testing is scheduled to be announced separately. The date of release is scheduled for the year, and Korean is not yet officially supported.

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