PlayStation VR – VR Worlds Bundle for PS4 & PS5 now on offer [advert]

At Otto you just get the PSVR Starter Pack V2, which next to Headset and Camera also contains the mini-game collection VR Worlds, cheap on offer, namely for 199 euros instead of 299 euros. This is not least a good price because the VR headset has almost completely sold out in recent years. At times, the prices on platforms like Ebay rose to around 700 euros. For a few weeks it is better available, cheaper than 199 euros, according to comparison portals, it was still no longer for years.

PSVR Starter Pack V2 incl. VR Worlds instead of 299 € for 199 € at OTTO

Unboxing Playstation VR Mega Pack Bundle With 5 Games

The offer at Otto is only valid until Tuesday. You have to expect a waiting time from about a week to delivery. If you have not ordered anything at Otto for at least two years, you can still secure 15 euros extra discount and also a free delivery flat rate for six months. You can learn more about the info page to Otto Up .

What does the PSVR Starter Pack V2 offer?

The PSVR Starter Pack V2 contains the PSVR headset in the slightly improved version V2, the Playstation camera and all necessary accessories to use PSVR on the PS4 or the PS5. This also includes the adapter with you need to connect the camera to the PS5. However, the PlayStation Move Controller, which is necessary for some VR games, are not included. These are currently badly available in Germany, but you can order them at Amazon for around 125 euros as UK-Import.

In the bundle is included as a download code the mini game collection VR Worlds , which offers five small games. Highlight is the shooter The London heist, which can be experienced a robbery, including chase. Also included are the space shooter Scavengers Odyssey, the futuristic sports game Danger Ball, the underwater adventure Ocean Descent and VR Luge, in which we climb a road and avoid the traffic.

PSVR Starter Pack V2 incl. VR Worlds instead of 299 € for 199 € at OTTO

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