Irrer SD Card Deal: 400 GB SanDisk MicroSD for Switch, Smartphone & Co. Now at the low price

If you need more memory for your Nintendo Switch or your smartphone, you can now order a suitable microSD card at the best price at Amazon. The offer is the variants of 200 GB, 256 GB and 400 GB at very reasonable prices.

The memory of some smartphones and the popular console “Nintendo Switch” is usually short. Who wants to expand the capacity, can help with microSD cards. Especially the switch comes without the SD card with only 32 GB basic storage quickly to your limit when you buy many games digital. For a huge memory boost, you can currently snap the “SanDisk Ultra microSDXC” with 400 GB whole 60 percent cheaper for 35 Euro .


Who is satisfied with a little less, can also access the 200 GB version, which was reduced to the whole 50 percent and currently costs 20 euros .

SanDisk Ultra 400 GB cheap at Amazon

When buying a microSD card, many users usually pay attention exclusively to the storage capacity offered for the price. Depending on the purpose, the data transfer rates can also play an important role in order to get no problems.

  • Model: SanDisk Ultra
  • Type: microSDXC (including SD adapter)
  • Storage capacity: 400 GB
  • Speed ​​class: Class 10, UHS Class 1
  • Speed ​​- Read: up to 100 MB / s
  • Application Performance Class: A1
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: 10 years

To offer at Amazon

If you want to extend the storage space of your Nintendo Switch with the SD card, the UHS I memory card provides the highest speed. Who buys a faster card (e.g UHS-II), can of course also use them. However, the SD card in the Nintendo Switch is then operated only with UHS-I speed. For the maximum memory size, however, barely limits are limited: the switch can easily recognize and use capacities up to 2 TB.

On the smartphone or action cams, a higher speed of the card is paying off if you often shift data or stores videos with high resolution or frame rate (e.g 4k / 60 fps) directly on the card. The SanDisk ultra is sufficient in this case for full HD recordings. Alternatively, there is also a faster extreme version, which is not reduced.

For 35 euros you get an SD card with lush storage space to an absolute top price. If you want to expand the memory of a Nintendo Switch memory with the small chip, or most of all photos and other files of your smartphones, the SanDisk Ultra presented here is completely sufficient. If you want to use the card in the future, for example, for example in 4K-enabled action cams, should access the faster extreme variant.

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