Here the first official trailer of the third season of The Boys

During the last months we have seen a series of posters and teaser about the third season of _ The Boys _, but not a complete trailer. Fortunately, This changed during South by Southwest the weekend , where we were presented by the first full progress for the new season of one of Amazon Studios’s most acclaimed productions.

In this advance we can see all the key characters in the series, both good and bad. Each one has advanced in his own life, but it seems that the conflict between them is inevitable . Beware, the next trailer contains quite graphic violence.

As they could see it Billy Butcher, played by Karl Urban, finally obtained powers, this after being exposed to compound V . In the same way, you can see a couple of parodies to real life, such as the Pepsi commercial of Kendall Jenner. In the past we have seen similar works, but focused on Disney +.

The third season of The Boys will premiere on June 3, 2022 on Amazon Prime Video . On related topics, this series already has an animated spin-off. Similarly, check here the new posters of the third season.

Editor’s note:

The Boys – Official Season 3 REDBAND Teaser Trailer | Prime Video

The spectacular trailer, and is full of moments of both the series and comics fans, will be able to recognize immediately. It will be interesting to see if this series manages to live at the high expectations you have, and if you can be at the level of what we saw at last season.

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