GTA 5: Next-Gen update enables new car

After the renewed release of Grand Theft Auto 5, players will find more and more changes in the update for the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S. In GTA Online is now even a completely new type of car purchase possible.

EVERYTHING WE KNOW About GTA Online Next Gen Update!

GTA 5: So you can buy the cars of your friends

Both in Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA play online Chic sport carts and panned racing cars an important role. The Next Gen version for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S makes the car purchase in multiplayer mode now much easier.

The Reddit User Sjsjshdhxh has now found that the Los Santos Auto-Treff has a new feature. Instead of simply admiring the cars of your teammates there, you can now go to them and buy a copy for yourself with one click . Not only is the model of the car copied, but also all modifications made to it. The extraordinary the car, the smokeiger, however, the price.

In GTA Online you can now cloned cars

Even if the buyer can spend several million dollars for the car, the seller seems to get nothing of the money. However, he does not lose the car either. The buyer only receives a precisely the same clone car. SJSJSHDHXH, however, claims that the original owner of the car gets a voucher for an upgrade in Hao’s auto repair shop .

Thanks to the next-gene update, it is now possible to copy cars relatively easy and to pass on to other players without having to resort to complicated glitches. In the comments of the RedDit Post, however, some fans also note that with this new feature will soon be new exploits , with whom players can earn millions. Especially the upgrade coupon, which may be more worth than buying the car, would offer itself.

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