Smile Gate Saa, Donate for the fumed fantasy of the 21st

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Smile Gate Entertainment, Korea’s first Virtual Creator ‘Seat (SE: A), “said a total of 84 million won, including donated donations and donation broadcasting campaigns, which were received from viewers, Through the Global Children’s Rights Professional NGO Good Neighborhood, he said on the 17th (Thu).

Saya is a Virtual Creator, which is the first time in 2018, is working on YouTube and Twitter TV on the ‘Saa Story’ broadcast. Seia, who strives to make the world beautiful, has donated to neighbors who need help to collect the donations sent by viewers on the air. In December last year, the year-end and New Year holidays were held on the New Year’s New Year holidays and conducted donation campaigns with Smile Gate Hope Studio.

In particular, 8,800 people have been watched at the 24-hour live broadcast, which had last year, and a total of 51 million cumulative viewers and 150,000 chat messages have been registered, and more. In the Donate campaign in the Smile Gate Hope Studio, 1,300 were joined to the donation and to spread the hope.

Over the past year, the total donations that were counted in three years have been delivered to the full amount of Good Neighbors. The donations that Seah delivered are will be used for future residents in the future. Especially, it is supported to focus on living and educational support, residential environment improvement, which can be needed for children’s daily lives.

On the other hand, Saya Story will show a variety of challenging contents for the New Year, and some organizational maintenance and reorganization for it.

The Smile Gate Entertainment AI Center Hanwoo Jin Center said, “I will give you a lot of viewers thanks to many viewers who loved the last year. I will do our best to give you more hope to the world. “

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