New Work 2D Action “Nine Sols” Cloud Funding Launched by “Returning School” and “Repel” “Nine Sols” Cloud Funding Launch-The World of Tao Gank

Developer Red Candle Games, known in the development of “returned school” and “repel”, has launched a Cloud Funding Campaign of 2D Action “ 9 Nine Sols ” currently under development.

The campaign will be held until May 9, 2022, and the target amount is set to 3,000,000 nt dollars. You can obtain digital copies and wallpapers of this work with more than 450 NT dollars.

This work is an Asian 2D action adventure inspired by “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice”, “Hollow Knight: Silksong”, “Katana Zero”. The world view of “Tao Punk”, which combines Western cyberpunk elements in Oriental myths and Taoho’s elements.

A “Sekiro” -like action that makes an enemy attack, play, and counterattack is a core of the battle scene, if you play an attack at an accurate timing, “play”, the energy saved by the play, and explosions There are also skills such as “Keigbuku” and “Curse Dash”. In addition, it is possible to avoid attacks with a dash that is a conventional 2D action, two-stage jump, and climbing. You can also use a bow that can attack a long distance.

“Nine Nine Sols” corresponds to English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Traditional, Simplified) and will be delivered with PC (STeam). It is also a planned release with PS and Nintendose switches.

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