What classes can be visited in Hogwarts Heritage?

Hogwarts heritage received many updates during their existence. Demonstration of the state of affairs March 17, 2022. The event presented the fans of a 15-minute gameplay and even the Holiday 2022 release window. In Hogwarts Legacy, players will live a five-year-old life in Hogwarts. They are breeding friends, use their magic skills and even attend classes.

Hogwarts Legacy - 15 Minutes of New Gameplay
Fans can count on Dark Art Protection , Chara , Botany , Potions And also Beasts Classes, As they all have been shown and described in detail during the demonstration. Each of these classes will teach players to important skills, from taming beasts before creating a potion. Thanks to the Botany class, players even grown their own ingredients for crafting.

Who are the professors in Hogwarts Heritage?

The action “Hogwarts heritage” occurs in the 1800s. This means that it is unlikely that players will be familiar with many students and professors of Hogwarts, and there was little information about who will teach in classes. Setting games can make a number of changes in the magical world that even avid fans will surprise. The ally in the game was shown Professor Tsyg . But none of the other professors was specified, except for the appearance.

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