Are there companions in Hogwarts Heritage?

Hogwarts Legacy Companions Confirmed!
On the PlayStation Hogwarts heritage: the state of the game On March 17, 2022, the fans got acquainted with the game in detail, and many new information was announced. The showcase included a detailed overview of many game mechanics, including a companion mechanics. Players will be able to interact and build relationships with comrades in Hogwarts Legacy.

What role will the companions play in Hogwarts Heritage?

In the shop window, three companions were highlighted, Natasai Oati , Mac sweet as well as Sebastian Salow . These companions serve many goals in the game and, apparently, help players in battle . They also have the opportunity Training players with new skills and spells which are available exclusively through this companion. Interaction with companions should be a profitable attachment if it gives the players exclusive capabilities.

Each companion has its own character and motifs. Poppy Sweeting loves animals and their taming, and Sebastian Selloou is a rebellious member of the Faculty of Slytherin, storing a dark family secret. Players can interact with these characters and develop relationships, learning more about their personalities and interests.

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