Resident Evil 7 Prequel: fear begins with the end of October

One of the biggest brands, if not the biggest brand of Capcom’s portfolio, is Resident Evil and the Japanese game manufacturer has surely appealed to all kinds of experiences built around intellectual property in recent years.

Resident Evil 7 - Bad Ending / Infected Ending
While waiting to see more than Project Resistance, there is another news that may interest you. Resident Evil 7, the title that gave the first hope for the franchise after some disappointing games.

Capcom launches a new virtual reality experience in Tokyo, based on resident Evil 7 This film is a preface featuring the bad jack baker, as in the main game on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Biohazard 7 Revoy fear, it is the name of the experience, is based in Louisiana, the United States, where “disappeared cases occurred frequently” while people are “attacking someone and lose the head”.

You will be stuck, with the other three people, in the basement of a “Grand Manoir”, with “the owner of the house, Jack Baker, who kidnapped the players”, always nearby. The players will have the chance to get “weapons” to “try to escape” during this trip that will take about 40 minutes.

The VR-X experience will be available from October 26 at The Plaza Capcom Ikebukuro, so if you are already there, make sure you do not miss it. In addition, we hope that something like this will become one day on consoles and PCs.

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