Domestic Bank, Emergency Loan in Russia Family

As a Russian economic sanctions in the United States, emergency loans will be done in the end of the month of Emergency Loans in the Russian foreign residents who are experiencing difficulties in living expenses.

The Bank Association announced that the banks are planning to support emergency living loans for domestic families from the end of April, from the end of April to the end of the month,

We will establish guidelines such as overseas income confirmation or agency authority for foreign residents. Although it is not confirmed, Apostillu (Sign up Russia), an international convention for overseas income, utilizes the Overseas Certificate of Consums, and the Family County Family, etc. We plan to acknowledge the agent’s delegation effect.

In order to resolve the enthusiasm to the entry into the corporate funds, we will also use the Russian Local Corporation of Hana Bank and Korea to establish a temporary payment line.

If the Domestic Bank’s Russia’s Local Corporation Bank will proceed with the payment, it will be used to emerge to the account of the local corporation in the Korean head office and to use the way to discharge the Russian import and export payment.

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However, the delivery transaction using this method is limited to non-Job banks and non-controlled items trading. The Bank Association shall be “Financial authorities and banknotes to review related laws and preparation for practice

“We have to ask for a temporary settlement line” “Please contact the individual bank” related details such as “payable call and limitations”.

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