Bodile, lethargic

Disillusionment in Garbsen: Through the 1: 3 defeat in the basement duel against Verliker probably only the boldest optimists believe in the league. The residue on non-default sites is eight points (Turkküsücüs nine-point deduction not yet taken into account). These are the naked numbers. The appearance against the Ostwestfalen was not third division. The Havelser were inferior to the losing, which are now allowed to dream of the class preservation, in all matters.

Especially in the first half, the tail light delivered a very bad performance. “The first half hour was bottomless, lethargic, from the two-fight and the mood. Since I did not recognize the team,” quotes the “new press” Niklas Tasky, who came to the game after 26 minutes for Nils Piwernetz into the game. In the cabin it was rectified, the central defender reported: “So you can not sell yourself in the relegation battle.”

That also saw coach Rüdiger Ziehl so stood after the final whistle as petrified in the coaching z1. “It’s not easier, that’s clear,” he said at “Magenta sport”. “The table just looks bad, you do not have to talk about it.” The hope is actually only in one point: “Now it’s almost again that we can liberate freed. Nobody counts with us now,” said Ziehl.

21. March 202205: 05 minutes

Verliker Weekly Drive from 21.3.2022

Verliker Weekly Drive View of 20.3.2022


Verliker Weekly Drive from 14.3.2022


Verliker Weekly Drive: 6.3.2022


Verliker Weekly Drive from 27.2.2022


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