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In the Sims 4 can now happen much more for your household. Regardless of what your SIM is doing, a whole lot happens in the neighborhood. Sims may pull around, get children (or pets), take new jobs or adopt children – they can even die in an accident. All this brings the new, surprisingly extensive update, which is mainly about the highly extended neighborhood stories.

The SIMS 4 update softs neighborhood stories neat

That’s why it’s: The Sims 4 yesterday gave a new update donated, which is primarily the so-called neighborhood stories. It is a way of the background story of the village in which your Sims live. The other sims outside your household can now survive various changes of life, even if you do not have something to do directly with your household.

Finally, what: Somewhat the story feature returns from the SIMS 3, which has not given it in the SIMS 4 so far. This means that now Sims, who do not know your Sims, will survive changes. Even if you are not active with your household, you can go in pension, for example.

What changes are there? The neighborhood stories system has existed since last year, but has now been significantly expanded. The current update introduces the following possible changes of life (via: EA):

  • Young Sims (from the baby to toddler) can be adopted.
  • Pregnees, children wars: For family-oriented sims, it is more likely to be less likely to jump in jumping sims. Sims who do not like children do not get any.
  • Adopt dog or cat : For that you need the Sims 4 dogs and cats.
  • Turning new career .
  • To retire.
  • on Pull land and pull away from land .
  • In different types of accidents come around , depending on risk factors such as age, characteristics and career.

You have the control : If you already play a felt eternity and do not feel like changing such changes, you do not have to worry. You can set the entire neighborhood store system in the start window of households manage from minutes and adapt to your preferences.

These are the patch notes to the SIMS 4 update 1.55:

In addition to the neighborhood history innovations and some fresh scenarios, there is also a whole range of bugfixes for the Sims 4. What’s all in the new update, you will learn here in the patch Notes (via: EA).

The SIMS 4

  • We have fixed an error that brought that wedding sawns were not available for weddings in the basic game.
  • If you log in to the game, you will now receive a notification when a new scenario is available.
  • When opening and closing the scenario interface in live mode, the correct animation is displayed.
  • The result “Happy to the end of life?” Now no longer appears for the engagement conflict scenario when both SIMS feels a bond.
  • The conditions for the result “too much around the ears” of too many toddler scenarios are now only for toddlers present at the start of the scenario.
  • We have fixed a mistake for some languages ​​that caused the scenario result text to fit into the text box.
  • The Powerpärchen scenario is now completed when one of the SIMS receives a carriage to the CEO.
  • The audio output when starting a new scenario as a new score and canceling a scenario in live mode has been improved.
  • The working task interface for the active career should no longer overlap with the scenario interface when a SIM is a career and goes to work at work.
  • The hairstyle YFHAIR_SP19CURLOLOPONY is now visible in the Create a SIM catalog if the “Mode Selection Female” filter is selected.
  • An error has been corrected with the scenarios where the requirement for SIMS has been displayed to be a couple as fulfilled, although only one SIM was present in the household.
  • The name of the scenario is now also displayed in the SCENARIO menu.
  • When accessing a SIM after starting a new scenario, the gameplay’s scenario window will no longer overlap a SIM catalog from creating a SIM catalog, and all the information of the window is easy to read.
  • The announcement of an engagement is now correctly evaluated for the endeavor “Common Heart Breaker / Common Heart Brecher”.
  • We have also made a few updates to the friendly calls that receive your SIMS from other SIMS:
    • Neighborhood Sims can no longer ask your Sims with a call if they can make friends with another active SIM of the household they have never met.
    • For friendly calls, it is now clearer whether a meeting of Platonic or romantic nature should be.
    • NPCs now have enough self-confidence and no longer call your sims to ask them to close their own spouse or their own wife friendship.



  • Sims who appear in good time for activities will no longer be able to get too late.

Become famous

  • Not invited sims do not simply enter the house of your Sims to chat after the fame of your SIM has risen.

Country House Life

  • Some players: inside reported that their cows and lamas stayed in their inventory after the Finchwick market was finished. In the notification that appears to the end of the market, it will now be explained how your animals can return to their stables.

Wellness Day

  • When selecting the interactions “Teaching Yoga Teaching” and “Yoga Course Guide” “Yoga Practice” will be discontinued automatically.


  • When running the interaction “asking for career questions” at the conspiracy theoretics Erwin Pries now appears in the career bar of the Sims and driving over the SIM in the relationship bar no LAMA symbol more, but the correct symbol is displayed.

My wedding stories

  • Ceremony interactions are now available if a renewal of the marriage beam or a reception takes place in the house of another SIM.
  • Sims appear at wedding ceremonies now in the correct clothing.
  • The renewal of the marriage beam is now available only for married Sims, and the wedding ceremony is only available for fiance SIMS.

Romantic garden accessories

  • Ghosts are now being revived correctly if living Sims want this to be the wish fountain.

House plaster set

  • Sims no longer receive the angry mood “Cleaningwut” when home cleaning is disabled.
  • We also optimized the vacuum cleaners so that your Sims no longer need to fight against the dust every day.

How do you find the changes that bring the neighborhood stories?

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